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You can have a better life starting Now!

You can have a better life starting right now! I’m going to tell you how so keep reading.

First, let me ask you... Are you feeling any of these?

  • Disappointed at how your life is right now or how things have turned out?

  • Like God has skipped over you with His promises.

  • Like you’re not on God’s miracle or breakthrough list?

  • Your prayers are going unheard and unanswered?

Whether you’ve felt this way during challenging moments in your life or constantly have this underlying feeling ongoing, you can feel better right away and ignite hope in your life again.

Many times, we pray and ask God for things and feel like we aren’t getting a breakthrough or an answer. You can feel like God isn't even listening. It’s easy to get disappointed feeling neglected and rejected, leading to hopelessness and weakened faith. I've been challenged many times myself.

If you take a closer look at some of things you ask for, you could also do more about it yourself. I’m not saying to take the faith away from God and onto yourself. But put faith in action in what you’re asking God for. If you get easily disappointed, you may be less active in co-creating your destiny. But if you’re faith is strong, you will make sure to do all you can to show God you believe that He will pull you through. James 2:14-26

Your lack of follow through and faith in action can be the cause of why certain things seem to keep you stuck. I know this term is cliché but ‘God could be waiting on you’. Personally, I’ve noticed that breakthrough occurred in my life more readily, the more passionate I was about what I was asking for. Those things that I had passion for, I’d put a lot energy into them. However, there are things I’ve prayed for in the past that seem to elude me that I wasn’t so passionate about it. It’s like your heart saying, God please grant me this but I’m not sure if I really want it or worth it, could you just make up my mind for me and do all the work?

We want God to open doors without showing any real faith. It may be for good reason. How many of us haven’t been let down or disappointed losing our fire due to the smothering of problems? But you must find ways to keep moving and maintain your fire in God. The Lord requires participation from you in your destiny!

Instead of God letting you down, you may be letting yourself down. How many of us want better, more and what God has for us? For instance, you want to make more money. You pray for another job, but you barely look due to your complacency in the job you already have. Your passion is waning. You’re telling God that you’re not ready. Maybe you’re not. But if you are, show it!

How many times have you talked to a family member or maybe a friend who was always ‘going to do it this time’? They want to make a change, but they always have an excuse of why they didn’t get started.

Your lack of passion gives off energy and speaks a message. That message could be that you don’t believe in yourself or love yourself, and so you don’t believe God either. It may be hard for to believe that you’re worthy of anything, especially good things from God. So, though you may pray, there’s no passion in what you’re asking for because you don’t believe it anyway.

Believe it or not, I’ve recognized a pattern to getting on the path to God’s promisethat’s very productive and can change your life. You’ve actually heard of this before. It’s called Self-Love. However, I want you to change your mindset to think of it differently. Teach yourself to love yourself through the Love of God and value of the cross.

It’s very simple and practical. To improve your life, you must attract and manifest your best life. The way to do this is you have to treat yourself better. Treat yourself in a way that’s loving, kind, and where you’ll have to make sacrifices for the sake of love for your being.

There are choices you’ll have to make putting yourself and well-being first. You will need to sacrifice things by saying No to them when they go against the high value of love within.

With these things in mind, I want you to do two things:

  1. Make a Self-Love slogan for your life

  2. Make a Self-Love Plan for what you're praying for

As you start to walk out your plan, you will increase your value. Increasing your value is an increase in confidence, courage, hope, positive energy, better thinking, love-life, finances, money, a healthy identity with God and self and more. Your life will begin to bend to and attract life towards your new value, changing things for the better. Life will nurture you!

Here is an example. Previously I wrote about my irregular heartbeats. When I found out that I had this condition, I had to make choices for my body based on love. I sacrificed things that went against my self-love because it went against my condition. I had to stay conscious in asking myself, “Am I loving myself as my Heart beats for me? Am I treating my heart good? Am I loving my self as God created my beautiful heart?

The answer to these questions determined what I ate and how I took care of myself. This was out of my self-love plan in food choices, exercise plan, exercise choices, and choice of doctor. I want to make sure I’m doing all I can to help myself while God work out miracles for me due to my faith.

My biological father didn’t raise me, so I didn’t know him well, but I did talk to him every now and again. He had a stroke, late spring, this year. He was a smoker most his life. I went to go see him in the hospital. While I was there he asked me to buy him a sandwich. He was on a strict diet that didn’t include sandwiches. The nurses told me this. I rejected his request. He also kept smoking. He refused to change; to love himself by taking care of himself. He died in July.

Are you asking for a better life?

  • The answer to your question is love.

  • The answer to your prayers is love.

  • The answer to your problems is love.

This is not fluff. Love is a Super Power but only if you use it and believe God in it. In all you ask for and in all you do the question is “Am I loving myself as God loves me?”

Many women who desire marriage don’t understand that this is a key. They pray for husbands, but they don’t grow in self-love. They want God to send them a mate without doing their part in the process such as growing personally and spiritually. What you put out is what you get back. The Lord is looking for the passion in your faith by putting action behind what you’re asking for.

The messages in your heart effect your actions. >Your actions or non action effects your faith. > Your lack of faith effects your prayers.

If you can do this, you can have what God has for you and become a Master at Manifesting your best life. Here’s the key:

  1. Pray

  2. Create a Self-Love Plan for what you’re praying for

  3. Live in the Now by staying conscious of the choices you are making around your plan

  4. Take one moment and one day at a time to accomplish your plan

  5. The Result: A continual increase in value

  6. The eventual outcome: A Manifested life

Choose one thing right now that you desire, want to change or work on. Be specific.

Make a self-love plan for it. Don’t just write a list of do’s and don’ts. For instance, using weight loss as an example, write down how you will love yourself in eating food. What choices are in your best interest from a point of view of love?

When you find yourself struggling, perceive your journey as the many steps of love. And if you make choices and actions against this you prolong your destiny. It will elude you and give you the same results you've been getting already or not getting at all.

If you stay the course, I promise you, there is reward now and many rewards later. What you do today will determine your future. What you do today will also determine if your tomorrow will end up just like your today many times over. Your choice.

Pray and ask God to give you strength to Choose Love always.

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