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God Is About to Change Your Life!

Pain from the past can hinder your future blessings; more so when it comes to your life-force’s energy (the energy you put into your greatest future).

Pain is an expected human frailty. Pain is a result of the sin in the earth. Hurt people hurt people. Hurt people hurt themselves. I don’t know anyone who can say that they haven’t had any painful experiences in their life. The pain that people experience becomes a force because the memory and the emotional hurt from the experience can always be available to experience again. Just a thought about it can take you right back to that moment. That’s powerful. You can literally travel back in time through a thought; a memory. Just like that! You never forget!

Ironically, you may hold onto your pain because you feel it’s a part of you. It’s a part of your story. You may even feel that somehow this pain gives you even more value because the most egregious thing that happened to you, you actually feel is the most interesting thing about your life. Therefore, for you to let it go, in some weird way, means to forget about that part of your life that had people pay attention to you in the first place. That’s sad in itself.

Words are easy but life is hard. It sounds like an easy thing to do when people tell people in pain to just let it go. There’s so many dimensions to emotional pain. Emotional pain is soul pain. It goes deep and places a mark upon the soul of a person. But a thing that we all must learn is that the pain is part of your story but it’s not part of your value. It is part of your journey but it doesn’t define you or your journey. Your life's path is about God himself and you in Him.

Jesus came to replace your pain with love and light. He came to offer you a better way on your journey with God.

I struggled for years through various painful experiences but eventually my life reached a new plateau with the Lord’s help. But once I got to that peaceful place, I found myself fearful of challenges and struggles. I wanted to reach new levels in my personal and professional life but my spirit (remembering the pain of yesterday) would avoid anything that may cause strife or stress in any way. It was like a PTSD of some sort. Yet, I knew I had to fight more if I wanted the future I had in mind; that I knew God had for me. I’ve worked with clients who feel the same way. I totally get it. They want to avoid any fight, struggle, or strife.

They’ve been emotionally beaten up as women, single women, single mothers, and as Christian women. They are tired. They just want enough to get by and have peace. Yet, they are conflicted with the promise and the dream that God has for them. Something in them wants to fight for it while another part of them just want to continue doing nothing but surviving. I understand it because I’ve felt the same way before but it saddens me as well. It keeps them stuck into a life they don’t want at all. It looks like modesty but it’s really settling.

God didn’t birth you to settle for anything! Imagine God settled and never sent Christ. Imagine if he settled after sending the flood and never revamped His creation? Imagine you praying to God and him just telling you to settle for the evil that may be happening to you? God is not a settling God! Hallelujah!

Jesus didn’t give His life up for you to settle! What kind of gratitude and appreciation is there for the work of the cross if you settle? If you are relating to this in any way, you must take a new stance and perception. Where you were fighting for your survival before, you must now fight for your future. You have been purified, washed, redeemed and made new. Jesus covers your past and your pain, including all the stress, strife, and struggles that came with it. Jesus is covering that part of your story. But it doesn’t define your journey. Your destiny is the crown of your journey. It is the pinnacle of your life in Christ; to get to your highest mountain top and help others get to their highest mountain top.

Though you still must do battle. Your reasons and purposes are different now. You're fighting for something verses fighting against it.

You have to re-engage. Dust off all your old weapons. Get some new ones. Refresh in God. Call all of your warrior angels back to post and engage in a new battle for what God has for you. This time you can control the people you let in your life. You have the newness of Christ to make better decisions and choices. You have the power of the Holy Spirit to fight. You have the faith of a mustard seed that it will be accomplished because you have the Father above who is in control of it all. You can do this! It's your time now!

I know you are worn out. I know your soul is stressed and remembers the pain. So let Christ into where your pain is. Let Him love you and speak directly to that hurt. Let His work of the cross become your new self value because He died for you out of Love only. Nothing else. You did nothing special for Him to love you. He loves you just because ‘you are’.

You can have the life God wants you to have and has destined for you even before you were in the womb. You have everything you need! Go do battle!

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