God Is About to Change Your Life!

Pain from the past can hinder your future blessings; more so when it comes to your life-force’s energy (the energy you put into your greatest future).

Pain is an expected human frailty. Pain is a result of the sin in the earth. Hurt people hurt people. Hurt people hurt themselves. I don’t know anyone who can say that they haven’t had any painful experiences in their life. The pain that people experience becomes a force because the memory and the emotional hurt from the experience can always be available to experience again. Just a thought about it can take you right back to that moment. That’s powerful. You can literally travel back in time through a thought; a memory. Just like that! You never forget!

Ironically, you may hold onto your pain because you feel it’s a part of you. It’s a part of your story. You may even feel that somehow this pain gives you even more value because the most egregious thing that happened to you, you actually feel is the most interesting thing about your life. Therefore, for you to let it go, in some weird way, means to forget about that part