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It's all about you!

Feeling like you’re just existing and not living

Feeling lost and disconnected from God

Feeling unhappy and in a dark place

Feeling spiritual pain, craving spiritual growth and transformation

Not knowing what your unique purpose is in life

Not knowing how to find your path to prosperity for a better life


You’re a Christian or believe in God, but wonder why you're life isn't changing; why isn't there greater transformation. You're stuck wondering what is your purpose and life’s mission. You feel you’re wasting gifts that you do have because you’re not using them fully. You feel like you’re running out of time to do what you love and what God needs you to do. You think that prosperity will never reach you because you never get clarity and discernment. Meanwhile, you also feel spiritually dead as your spiritual practice has suffered. I had the same concerns and worries for years!


I am Quycinda Leress, a Spirit-Life Master Coach.

I coach, counsel, and teach Christian women but I am not limited to that demographic. However, I do work from a non-judgmental Christian faith foundation and lifestyle approach.

I have a degree in Communications from Temple University and a Master's degree in Christian Counseling from Westminster Seminary. But that's not the best part!

The most exciting part is, I'm a normal person. Like you, I struggled too; single mom, working, going to school, going to church, challenged in relationships, juggling the balls of life while wanting a better life. I’ve had all the feelings you do. I struggled a long time with self-identity, looking for my place in God’s universe, asking Him questions about who I am and what I should be doing?

I went to church, listened to many leaders eventually becoming spiritually confused and unhappy. I began searching for my own truth in Christ. In searching for spiritual help, God showed Himself to me, in such a way I could never deny! I’ve had to go on my own and fight spiritual warfare. I’ve had to pick up my sword and fight hard like God showed me. It wasn’t fun but let’s just say I’ve earned my spiritual military stripes and proud of it now. I know I’m a soldier and to Who's army I belong.

In addition, I knew there was more to life. I longed for purpose and more meaning. I knew I could live a more fulfilling life.


What did I do? I completely took my own spiritual and personal life into God's hands. I did the physical, spiritual, and mental work in finding my life’s path to deliverance, healing, & prosperity. I rebuilt up my relationship with God and my spiritual identity. I took back and owned my own spiritual power. Now, I have my own successful company (helping beautiful people like you). I have no doubts about who I am in God. I know my path, and consider myself a Supernatural Woman.


In other words, I’ve done what you want to do and have helped many other women do what I’ve done.


My point is.. I am a Survivor with a message and a rocket in my pocket. This is what I’m going to do for you!


I like many things and pretty good at doing multiple things at once or have multiple projects going at once. This made it hard for me to focus. That was part of my problem. Jack of all trades and master of none. I get bored quite easily too. So you see why it was important for me to find my focus and place of grounding. And also find a place where I could utilize all my gifts.


In addition to being your Coach, I love to write. I have a book titled ‘Intimacy with God’. I’ve also written spiritual articles for the former Examiner, the online entertainment, news, and lifestyle network. I enjoy writing inspirational quotes and content that helps you grow as well as you’ll find on our social media pages.


While doing my spiritual work, I also have experience in Medical Communications and Clinical Research working with Clinical Studies helping top Pharma companies get their drug to market quickly. Working in Corporate for many years has fine-tuned my business and management skills. I’m a researcher at heart, studying and researching to the ends of the earth to help people like you.


I’m married with four adult children whom I’m proud of. I love family and friends whom I call my sisters. Relationships are very important to me and are the crust of my life. I hold loyalty in love to high esteem. One of my greatest appreciations in life are the people that God has put in my life. Without relationship with Him, I don’t exist.

Now who are you? Who does God see you as? What’s your life path? What is your career path? Where will you prosper and live your dream?


What happens if you never find out? Can you afford to lose more years of your life? Unfortunately, we don’t have many lives to get many chances. This is it. Knowing what I know now, I’d wish I knew sooner to put the wheels of my life in motion faster. So what I can tell you is this…  Don’t wait till it's too late! Set up a Free Call with me below and let's get you started!

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