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Get Your God Glow!

One may think that because someone is Christian, they can’t be in a dark place. I’m here to tell you that many are. They are women sitting in church every Sunday. They are women reading their bibles. They are women who proclaim Amen and Hallelujah daily! Yet, they describe themselves as being in a dark place. Even as Christians, they are searching for something that they can't even truly define at first.


How they detail their dark place varies at first. It could be a challenging relationship, loss of a loved one, a stressful job, lack of income, or unfulfilled desires. The face of it all is different. However, it dives deeper into a feeling of being lost, unfulfilled, depressed, or stuck. But when we look to the Lord about it and dive in even more, it is Spiritual Emptiness. Somewhere along their path, they’ve lost the light. They felt that they were just hanging on by a thread. They were looking to find a way through the maze of their individual life path and felt alone doing it. In some ways, they were also jaded in how they understood God's Promise for their life. With all the things that women are required to do to keep the balls of life in the air, it’s easy to one day find yourself in a dark place.

Are you in a Dark Place?

Is this You?!

  • You are a Christian Woman or believe in God but you feel an emptiness like something is missing & desire a deeper personal relationship with God.

  • You feel like you're stuck; just existing and not fully living.

  • You struggle with mindset and have lost your own sense of self.

  • You know God has something bigger and more meaningful for you, but you don't know what that is or where to start.

  • You desire to live your dreams for you and your family in a life that's prosperous and financially free.

This was me too!

I lived these feelings myself and when I think about it even now, I get sad. I believe I lost a lot of time not knowing what I know now and sometimes wish that I could get that time back. But then I think, "What if I still didn't know?!" 

How much more time can you afford to lose? Will you ever have a fulfilled life if you continue as things are?


What if you could get the help you need to change all of this? What if the life you dream of is within your reach, Right Now?


I struggled for years too; single mom, working, going to school, going to church, trying to have relationships, and wanting a better life. I’ve had all the feelings you do. I struggled a long time with self-identity, looking for my place in God’s universe, asking Him questions about who I am and what I should be doing? I’ve felt displaced, frustrated, defeated, and disappointed, etc. I knew there was more to life. I felt like a fake doing things that weren't in alignment with my God given life. I knew one day something would have to change. I went searching for more of God!


Through experiences that happened in my life, the Lord met me supernaturally! Since then, I've never been the same. These spiritual events led me to transform my life and chase after my purpose! And here I am NOW!


Maybe I'll share my stories with you one day. :)


But can you relate to what I was feeling? Are you looking for more Intimacy with God and His supernatural power in your life? Have you struggled with your spiritual practice; praying, reading, and fellow-shipping? Are you spiritually depleted? Do you struggle with your thought-life? Is it hard for you to navigate successfully through personal problems with life issues? Do you feel like you haven't made any significant achievements in your life? Do you have those same questions I had about who you are and what you should be doing? Are you trying to juggle it all while dreaming of a better life for you and your family?


Yes, I felt stuck and locked in a box. But what did I do? With God, I took my own spiritual and personal life into my own hands. I did the physical, spiritual, and mental work to manifest my life’s path to prosperity, built up my spiritual identity & self-esteem, and most of all took back and owned my own spiritual power. I did all of this with God's help and His Power. Now, I have my own successful business, I have no doubts about who I am in God, I know my path, and a God-Made Supernatural Woman. I'm a survivor with a rocket in my pocket!

And now it's your turn to get to purpose and prosperity! Here are the ways you can work with me!

Two Awesome Virtual Spirit-Life Courses

Spirit Beautiful

Intro Course

  • Spiritual mindset for self-improvement, focus on developing your Spiritual needs in support of your future goals. 

  • Helping you build up your spiritual health and wellness. You may feel stressed, spiritually disconnected, bored, or depleted. 

  • Helping you gain your spiritual power. You may lack in faith and spiritual confidence or you just may feel that you're not growing spiritually at all.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Purpose to Prosperity

Premium Course


  • Includes the Spirit Beautiful Intro Course.

  • Helping you to clarify your Purpose; offering a deep dive into who you are, your story in God's story, your gifts, and your dreams. 

  • Helping you with a path to get there: Developing a Practical Design Plan on how to move forward with your purpose whether it's a new career path, ministry, or business venture.

  • Access to the Mentor Membership, once this course is completed.

Duration: 24 Weeks

Note: Both programs are offered in both private and group coaching sessions

Two Great Virtual Counseling Services

Spiritual Counseling

Private Counseling

Not looking to be in a program? You can get ongoing spiritual counseling for a specific agreed upon period. Counseling digs deep into your present concern to help you move forward where spiritual healing is needed.

Would you like spiritual counseling?

Spiritual Intensive Call

Two Hour Call

One 2 hour intensive Skype, FaceTime, or Call session to tackle your urgent specific spiritual problem concern done in a short amount of time without commitment to a program or ongoing spiritual counseling.

No more settling for me! How about you?! The time is now for your new life!

  • Feel more secure in your relationship with God forming a more intimate bond

  • Have more consistency in your spiritual practice, learning how to hear God more

  • Spiritual Transformation; heal from your past, grow spiritually, improve mindset

  • Feel more stable, focused, organized, and committed to your higher path

  • Find yourself; self-identity, self-value, self-awareness, self-love, and personal strength

  • Get Clarity! Know your purpose; your best work and see where you fit in God's BIG Picture

  • Set goals and get empowered spiritually to manifest a desired future. Feel more alive and connected to something greater and more powerful 

  • Have more Peace & Joy

  • Start moving towards a life filled with goals and financial prosperity

  • Work with a very present and gifted Spirit-Life Master Coach & Mentor


My approach is tried and true. Let others tell you. Remember, I was just like you looking for purpose and having to constantly build myself up spiritually. With all I've studied, learned, and experienced, I've built a very unique service. You'll find many purpose programs but they differ from mine. My Program is setup to service Women who:


  • Desire an intimate one on one relationship with God

  • Seek a greater spiritual transformation that changes their life forever

  • Are looking to become Supernatural (Spiritually Mature) being more empowered by the Holy Spirit

Courses focus on Christian Spirit-Life which is based on the power of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide one's life. Christ and His Holy Spirit is the foundation of our Spiritual Health.  Our Services and courses allows a place of no religious judgement. It's hard to transform when you can't be vulnerable and transparent.

What You'll Get in the Programs

Weekly Live Coaching Calls – Weekly calls to provide clarification with current      

modules, workout spiritual and/or personal issues, and get guidance on goals.


Group Session Recordings – so you don’t miss a thing. (only pertains to group courses)


Email support – provided for single questions during the week outside of your weekly



Spiritual Development Work Modules – Working on your spiritual development such as

self-image, mindset, thought work, love, expression, belief, and prophetic voice.


Purpose Work – seeking, clarifying your purpose; finding your story in God’s story.      

Discovering your gifts and talents. Completing your purpose statement.


Life Design Modules – Designing your future; working out your plans and goals and ways to manifest.


Spirit Building Groups – support group to help you and others stay focused &


Note: as you may get a customized program, details may vary.

DON'T TAKE IT FROM ME. See what others are saying:

Don't take it from me. See what others are saying!

Sonya H.



I've learned how to take a step back, pray and retrieve balance in the decisions I make. I've also learned from Quycinda to spiritually connect my work life with who I am as a Christian. She is very patient and listens before giving advice. She makes sure to understand what my needs are and tailor her advice to that.  Working with her feels very comforting and enlightening. Every time I need help or advice she makes me feel like I'm not being judged. I’d recommend her to anyone that needs advice. I feel her services are needed for those especially who need advice that comes from a non-judgmental space.


Program(s): Spiritual Counseling

Cheryl F.



My experience with Quycinda Leress Life Coach was so positively life changing for me. She helped me to implement tools that help me daily. My journaling has helped me with my journey to forgiveness. She helped me change my stinking thinking into positive thinking. Her Christian based counseling and coaching sessions leave you feeling empowered! I can do anything. Thanks Cindy!


Program(s): Spiritual Counseling

This Can Work For You Too!

Ready for it?!


That one thing that changed everything for me was a DECISION! I just decided it was time for change. There was no compromise anymore. My life took a WILD turn after that.


And so, now you're at the same place. You're at the same fork in the road I was. You can either continue on the path you're on, the one that you know so well but dislike so much or take a new road that will have endless possibilities. You know that if you want something different, you have to change directions. Change it with me. Let's work together. You're not alone.


Wondering if it'll be a good fit?

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