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Do You Want Love? "I AM" Love Adore


As the Lord brought me through abusing my prophetic gift by participating in psychic readings and divination, before His deliverance, out of that experience came much knowledge and His wisdom about me, as well as others. I’ve always been able to see the heart of a person even though something else was coming out of their mouth, which is why I chose to study counseling. I’ve always knew that if a person lived by the best in their heart that it was the best life for them. But it’s something so hard for a person to do. That includes me as well but as still I’m growing and learning. And I hope the things that I tell you will help you to grow also.

When I was taking calls from a website that offered people advice and psychic readings, it was very interesting that most of the calls were from women. I would say that 85% of these women had questions about men. They wanted to know about their love life, with questions like; were they going to meet anyone? How does he feel about me? Does he love me? Am I going to get married? And so, the questions went on based around this love theme.

Whenever I would try to talk to the women about what was the best for them in finding love, they didn’t want to receive it. They just wanted to know if Bob, Tom, or Steve was going to call them soon or ask them out for a date. They didn’t want to hear that they could have the love of their life if they just started with themselves. Don’t dare talk about God outside of their perfect picture of ‘LOVE’. They didn’t want to know how to heal from past hurts or be free of self sabotaging patterns that continually worked against them. They didn’t care to understand that freedom started with them, not another individual. It wasn’t outside of them that would give them what they needed. It was inside of them. Don’t you want to shake your head at these people? Wait before you do that.

Ironically, I found myself in that same pattern in a different way. Psychics don’t just take calls, they make them too. They call other psychics to get answers. And just like other people, their primary questions are about their love life or hope of one coming soon. It gets very crazy and becomes a whirlwind pattern that can spiral out of control. It’s like a wind of high and low emotions that fluctuates up and down. Depending on the answers you get, sets the stage of your emotional being until the next call with a different answer and so you can ride on a whirlwind, falling on a different mood at any given moment. Whoa! That made me dizzy. Have you shaken your head yet? I hope not. Don’t move too fast.


Do you remember when you were young, and you had such a crush on the cutest guy or girl? You just thought of that person all the time, having day dreams of what it would be like to be married to them or have children with them. Do you remember? You may still do this. Did you ever have a day dream that this person would come up to you and say, “I love you and want to be with you forever?” And then you had a daze in your eye, you felt that you were light on your feet? It was a fun free type of love that caused the giggles or gave you butterflies. You approached it with a naivety that didn’t hinder you. You always made sure you let that person know in some way that you like them, even if it takes a while, you don’t give up because you have that day dream. Then the person that you’ve been envisioning to be with finally starts to respond to your advances. Man! You are on cloud nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. You can’t believe how close you’re getting to your day dream happening. Closer, closer, and closer, you now have that person where you want them, but something isn’t right. Your dream isn’t working the way that you saw it. This person isn’t playing their part right. Why is all this ‘not so good stuff’ happening? What went wrong? What’s going on? Then the relationship is over. And then at some point, you think, “What did I do wrong or what’s wrong with me?”

Then life goes on. You grow older, but your daydream moves on to another man, woman, or object with the same results repeatedly. You have a never-ending pattern of daydreams, rough relationships, and bad choices. Your view point of love is misconstrued; based on the person in your life or success. Your heart hardens. But the one thing that seems to remain the same is the pattern of the day dream. Why does the day dream survive but the ‘who’ of who you are doesn’t? It’s because most of us concentrate on the day dream and not our ‘self’. We place our value into someone or something else. We also love to be mesmerized by what could be rather than “what is”. What is it about the day dream that appears to be better than who we really are and what’s going on in the ‘now’ of our lives? Why do we escape into this blindness? For most of us, it’s to get away from the You of who you are and your own realities as you see it, possibly bleak. And the only way to color your life is through someone else; the ultimate person for the ultimate relationship. The ironic thing is that it’s not the dream that equips you and qualifies you for a relationship but it’s working on yourself that gives you the badge of love and true intimacy.

My experience with the psychic lines, with people looking for love, people with addictions, people who are always searching, people who are unhappy, and people overall is that they want and need pure love. You want to be adored, cherished, valued, appreciated, noticed, and trusted. Pure love is the Love that stems from God that merges with a person at the point of salvation, believing in the act of Jesus Christ death and resurrection. Am I being religious? No, I’m not. This is a real thing. It’s not a religion. It’s a faith that has life, meaning that it’s a substance because it’s His presence; God’s presence is in His Son and then His Son’s presence is within you when you accept Jesus. You become new, you become Love, then you draw Love. This is the purest of Love that anyone can have. From this all things are created, and all things grow, including you.

Why do we escape from who we are? Why do we escape from the Faith? Why do we escape from God? We are born sinners into a fallen society. As we enter the fallen world and grow, we are taught that we are sinners; how bad and unworthy we are, never adding up to perfection. We either strive to correct it, live up to it, or try to stay somewhere in the middle. We tell ourselves that we can deal with it and that we can fit in. All the while, we really don’t know what to do but we act like it, even if we must follow someone else. It scares us not to know and admit that we are lost. The world can be a scary place.

We adapt to a style of living based on the world around us; a system set up to be an adversary against God, therefore “against us”. We think like other people and behave like other people. We wear what looks good on others. We speak just like all our friends. We blend in, we blend in, we blend in and so we’re lost. And as we blend in, we can’t help but to become spiritually blind, meaning that we can not see the truth of our own personal yet golden existence. So, with the lack of truth, we create the day dream. It’s like the matrix. Not only do we create it, but we live in it for years and for some to the death; always dreaming life better than it is but not really doing the work to get there. Are you shaking your head? You can shake your head now because it’s a sad thing. We can’t point fingers at one another to say that someone did wrong for calling psychics nor can we point and say that Alice, James, or Laura should have left a bad relationship a long time ago. We can’t do that because all of us have been blind; as a people who don’t know what Pure Love is. We are all lost, all sinners, and all need help, including you. Help from whom? A Savior. What’s His name? Jesus Christ.


Looking for love, validation, and acceptance outside of Christ weighs a heavy risk because you learn to depend on the world as a fixed spiritual default. You depend on society, people in your circle, people in your community, and people, people, people; what they say, what they think, and what they believe, especially about you. And what’s the worst thing about that? The worst thing is that they are just like you. They are looking for true love and in search of answers in a fallen world too. The bible tells us not to put or trust in mankind. That means, we can’t depend on people to love, validate, and accept us though we can share our lives with them. That’s not to say that love and trust doesn’t happen among humans because it can, but it is dependent upon something else and it is changeable. You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of when Peter denied Christ three times. Before Christ was to be crucified, He asked Peter if Peter loved Him. Peter was shocked by the question and adamantly confirmed that He loved Christ. And we as readers, we believe and know that Peter did love Christ. But when it came to the time of Christ’s crucifixion, just as Christ knew, Peter denied knowing Him, not once, but three times. We can all say that we love one another so much that we’d do anything for special people, making all types of promises; that we’ll love, love, and love to the end. But time and time again, we prove that our human love only goes so far, it has so many conditional attachments that begin with, “I will love if.”

The Love of Christ has no prerequisites and it doesn’t change and neither is it dependant upon something else. It just is. The love of mankind is tied up into sin and imperfection, which means that we can’t invest 100% into it because there’s always a chance of it fluctuating. The Love of God and His Son dwell within life, righteousness, goodness, and perfection, which you can make a 100% investment and not loose anything but gain everything.

With the world’s kind of love, you don’t stand a chance because no one can measure up completely to the world’s changing standards. Society is always changing with fads, trends, politics, opinions, and money. What is wrong one day is right the next day. It’s no wonder people are confused and have issues of insecurity, fears, and unhealthy love.


Do you know that we were never meant to try to figure out life on our own? We were never meant to be in a world without help. From the beginning of time, God made provisions for us. We were created to depend on Him only. Jesus is our only Help.

You may hear someone refer to the bible as the Word of God or The Word. This is because the bible is one Word; about one person and His name is Jesus. The entire bible is about Jesus Christ. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1) So the Word of God is the Son of God, as like The Word is The Son or The Prophecy and Promise of the Old Testament. Jesus, as the Word (Totality of Scripture come to life), His one name covers, secures, and protects your entire life with the purity and riches that the Heavenly Father provides, that includes Love. Because Scripture is Christ and you as a Christian are immersed with Him, you have all you need in the Book of Life, in Jesus Christ. You are not just a participant that interacts with Him, the Word, but you are the essence of the Him, you carry it, the life of the Word. It is a substance that moves, called Faith. As a Christian, this is your new identity. You belong to the household of Christ. It’s not a religion but a change of heart.

What does Jesus have to do with finding Pure Love; the Source, the origin, the person of which Love begins and begins again. Jesus Christ is Love defined in the work of the cross. There isn’t one without the other. There isn’t Love without Christ. There isn’t Christ without Love. They are one in the same. So, every place in Scripture that has the name Christ, the word Love can be replaced, and the meaning of the verse will not change. In Jesus Christ, as a person, whenever He moves, Love moves with Him because every action Christ made was intentionally for you. Each move was and is based upon you. Each action, each breath, each thought, and each spoken word was based upon you; your soul (your heart-man), your spirit, your mind, your body, and all that encompass who you are. It was and is all about you, in the Father’s eyes. And when your life exudes anything different or contrary than what He has made available for you, Jesus weeps and suffers for you. It is from a deep immeasurable and incomprehensible stance of compassion for the things that you were and are unaware of, but God knows. And how do you contain this Love, these movements of Love, Himself? Upon salvation, you attain and contain it through the container of “Trust”. In our lives, love can be torn by mistrust and deception of other people. But God is absolutely nothing like people. He promised us Christ and gave Him for us. That was the ultimate promise. God comes through on His promises. But we must trust Him. Trust is important between God and the believer. It is our container of God’s Love just like the Holy Spirit seals our Faith or the body seals your inner parts. Love has no security and no form without Trust. Do you see how Love and Faith go hand in hand? If you need Faith to believe God, it means you lack in Trust, which means you lack in Love. How many believers struggle every day, constantly with their Faith? If you lack Faith, you’re lacking God’s Pure Love for your life. If you learn God’s Love for you, your Faith is power because your container of Trust grows parallel to the level of your knowledge of God’s Love for you. Trust is confidence.

Jesus knew that you could only be aware of these things through Him, beginning with His death. He knew that He must die so that you could be saved and born into truth, which glorifies God, as you could finally connect with the Heavenly Father through Himself whom we call Love. So, who is Jesus? He is Love straight to you, straight to your being, and straight to the door of your heart.

Without Jesus, there would be no hope for goodness, there would be no life, and there would be no freedom for you. Sin, wickedness, hate, guilt, and shame have no love and no light. The presence and Love of Jesus Christ eradicates, eliminates, and destroys each one of these. Salvation purely states that you understand and recognize this removal of spiritual darkness, no longer mirrored in your physical life; that you come to a point where you will understand that there is nothing you can do on your own to be set apart from all that is going on in a sinful and fallen world; that you confess with your mouth that Jesus (Love) is the only one who can accomplish this for you and your spirit agrees to it.

Why does the Heavenly Father care? When you ask yourself that question, your mind naturally expands to search for an answer, but the answer is ‘suddenly’ sparked in your heart. So even if your mind says, “He doesn’t”, your heart responds to truth, the truth that He loves you beyond a human understanding, being only understood in the language of the heart, the Spirit. As you open yourself to understand this heart language, you are consumed by Him that you begin to move in His Spirit becoming His Love child through the Ultimate Love Child, Jesus Christ. You can disperse the essence of Him and His Love to others. And this is the active dance of “Love God as your first commandment then Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

And so, “Love Yourself”, what does that mean according to the Gospel? This is not a selfish love nor is it a love that is of the world’s self help philosophies but it is a love for one’s self that begins in the work of the cross with Jesus, the Ultimate Lover and Love Child; the Lover who Loves you and the child handed over to death by His Father because of the Father’s Love for you. And when one is consummated by the Spirit with this Love, being reborn of Spirit, there is a confidence called Faith that ignites love for your “Self” out of gratitude. It says that, “I am grateful for what He has done out of Love for me, so I will live up to the standards of which He has called me to because my love is returned to Him out of relief, thankfulness, and respect. I will not let His Love be in vain, for my life.”

What does this Love look like? In, John 17:19, Jesus is praying to God, the Father, and He is saying to God, “I sanctify myself that they may be truly sanctified.” Why does Jesus care? To sanctify one’s self means to be made pure and free from sin or guilt. Jesus was pure and free from sin so that you and I could be pure and free from sin. But why does He care if you are pure and free? Jesus was telling the Father that He was sanctifying and giving Himself because of you. You needed something that He could help you with. You needed to be pure which means that you were not pure. You needed to be free from sin, which means that you weren’t free but bound. You needed to be free from guilt which means that you were guilty. So, He knew your needs and did something about it. He told the Father that He was giving Himself so that you may entirely belong to God. And when Jesus told the Father, “I give myself that they...”, He was talking about you. He was talking about each soul that populated the earth then and to come. He was talking about each birth that would take place from generation to generation; you, your children, your children’s children and forever. That’s a lot of people and the numbers grow each second. He left no one behind. And you don’t have to give Him anything. He didn’t trick you into anything or manipulate His glory. What did He do? He died. He, in His own humanness, knew that you would never know Him in an earthly sense. You or your children would never meet Him personally or go dine with Him. You’d never greet Him on the street or call Him on the phone. In an earthly sense, you can’t touch Him, but He knew you before you were born. And ages before your birth, He died for you. His death and resurrection initiated a deep spiritual bond with you long before your mother would even see your face. If that doesn’t make you gasp for air, you’re not getting it. Why should He care?

Jesus was human just like you and I and He gave His Flesh to Death that you could be pure, that you could be free from sin, and that you could be free from guilt. Hallelujah! Bless the Lord always! His Praise shall continually be in my mouth! Why? It’s because, I am grateful. I am thankful. Who do you know would die for anyone? Who do you know that would absolutely die for you? How did we get so blessed that He cared, that He gave, that He Loves? He Loves. He Loves. For who can teach us to Love but Love Himself?


Do you know that our society’s general problem is the lack of Christ, the lack of Love? Imagine the souls that Christ is weeping for today; those without salvation and those with salvation who do not reach for all He has for them. Do you think about those who suffer behind closed doors and feel like they have no one? You may have been there yourself. No one is perfect, not one person. That’s why it’s so important not to judge others but pray for them, as well as ourselves. How dare we? The lack of love feels the same and is expressed differently within each person no matter if you are calling psychics about relationships, tripping off a high from a drug dose, committing a crime, gossiping about your neighbor, always in debt spending what you don’t have, consuming too much alcohol, sleeping around, misbehaving, or any other way to draw attention from someone and anyone.

And as messed up as human beings are Jesus still stands and waits with open arms for those who accept His Love. He’s patient, He’s kind, and most of all, He’s long-suffering. He will wait and wait and wait, until His Day comes to return and who can take a chance on when that will be? Your soul is important today. I’m sure you’ve proved to yourself that you can not do life on your own. Your way is not the way. Your love is extinguishable, but the Love of Christ is eternal.

The best thing about the Love of Christ and His Salvation is that your sins are forgiven. There’s nothing you can do about your past. You can’t control life. You can’t save yourself, only Christ can save you. You can’t save others, only Christ can save them. You are not equipped.


We are drawn to entertainment and drama, we like for our senses to be stimulated. If there is no drama, there is no continuous flow of stimulation in the sense that you are used to. What do you think about boredom and what does that mean for you? To be still means to be lifeless. We as humans need to feel alive rather it be emotion or pain. So, we live with all these daily situations that stimulate our senses but as we compare one life up against another, we find that we can be stimulated more somehow; status, accumulation, addiction, fame, and power.

Few people would ever admit that they are truly sensitized by interacting with God. I’m not talking about having a good prayer one day, going to bible study on a good night, leaving a good sermon, or having a quick conversation about Jesus with your friend. I’m talking personal here. I’m talking about living an every day life sensitized to the Lord continuously non-stop with no agenda. This seems boring to human nature. We think: there’s no excitement, too much good is dull, everybody else is doing something different, and this is no fun at all. But is God the problem in this? What is the problem? Or should I say who is the problem? The problem is you, the person. It’s not God. The problem is lack of relationship with God, the problem is spiritual blindness, the problem is selfish desires, and in a nutshell, the problem is Sin. These things block you from knowing God deeply because other things always seem more desirable than Him. But that doesn’t make God less desirous. It doesn’t change Him at all. The only way you can begin to be sensitized by God, excited about God continuously, and have fun with God is by Love changing your heart for Him. You must get close to Him, let Him Love on you. He will change you, and then you will Love others which will return to you in unbelievable ways.

True Love is attractive, or should I say that Jesus is attractive. That may sound a little commercial but I’m not talking about “religious love”. There’s no real love in that. When you are genuinely transformed in your heart, the love of Christ becomes a loving perfume that draws love to you. From Love, comes love.

Jesus replied, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

God says, “My children, love exists. It’s just not in the way you want it to be. You bottle the feelings that it can give to make it something different than I created. My Love is no daydream; it can’t be packaged in any way or form. The only form of love I have is in my Son, Jesus, who is free. That’s the only love you can Love from. He is the beginning and the end of Love. If you start with my Son, you can’t go wrong. I assure you of that. It’s my Promise. Stop allowing your selves to be abused based on a by-product of Me. Listen, My Love is patient and kind. My Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. My Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (I Corinthians 13:4-7). I invite you to come learn of me and My Love for you so that your life will be filled with the excitement of True Love. You will never hear anyone say I Love You and mean it like I do. “I AM” Love Adore. You are a vessel of Love. If you come up short of Me, no one will ever know what True Love is. I can only Love through my Son in you. Who will ever begin to really Trust in Love without you being my vessel, the home that I dwell? Without me in you, there is no hope. And how can your true Lover come to you if not by Me in you? You are the Love of my life. I beseech you to try My Love. You’ll never be lost, abandoned, unworthy, hopeless, or empty again. “I AM” Love Adore.”

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