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Pursuing A Life of Miracles

There are times when God will open your eyes and pull you within to His truth. When we ask God for signs and wonders, we’re thinking more about today or tomorrow. But the Lord is showing me something interesting and pretty cool. He’s saying, “If you look at the miracles of yesterday, you can charge your spirit and environment with the miracles for today and tomorrow”. Now, as I’m writing, God is showing me this. So, stay with me. It’s a bit raw. I’ll get you there as He’s taking me there. Just like you, as I’m writing (you're reading), I’m absorbing it.

There’s a lesson or should I say perception about miracles that needs to happen that’s based on a formula from the past, that’s still ongoing, but we can bring into today. He’s showing me that there are things that you have seen and know that you have gotten used to and have taken for granted; things that can be defined as miracles. Yet because you see or experience them all the time, are used to the way things work or are designed, you don’t even think about it. It’s such a normal part of everyday living, it doesn’t challenge you. There is something in the air! What is it?

If I were to ask you to name a miracle, what would you describe? What would you add to your list of miracles. The Webster-Merriam dictionary defines miracles as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. But I would go further than that. I would define miracles as an extraordinary event manifesting God’s presence in human affairs. To intervene is to interject but I don’t believe He interjects necessarily but that His presence is with us and because it’s with us, His presence alters our movement and space.

I believe that God is omnipresent. He’s everywhere, all the time. And He’s in everything. His presence is the thing that brings about the birth of everything. He is the source of spiritual conception. He is the source of life itself. Think about these miracles that you don’t even reconsider. You have so much faith in them just because it happens all the time:

  1. The mechanics of the body

  2. Childbirth

  3. The solar system

  4. The weather

  5. The animal kingdom

Do you realize that without man’s touch, the earth would still survive? Without man’s life, the world could still survive? You have faith that the air you breathe today will be there tomorrow. You have faith that your body will work as it’s done repeatedly. You have faith that the sun will come up every day and the moon will shine at night. You have faith that days will be sunny, some days will rain, and other days there may be wind. You have faith that there will be beasts of the wild always. You have faith that you will somehow eat tomorrow.

How come we don’t question those miracles? Do you think God set all this up and left us without His presence? There are new discoveries every day that we aren’t privy to. There are people who experience God’s touch in everyday situations or His altering of their movement and space. His presence can’t help but to create. He’s a Creator/creator. He’s God and His presence must generate new things all the time.

You know how you don’t even think twice about how these everyday miracles that happens? Well, your perception should be the same about all His other miracles for tomorrow.

What do we know about how God creates? Through Genesis, we know that 1) He creates through speaking forth a Word in detail about what He wants. We also know that the 2) Holy Spirit carries the word obeying God’s voice by forming that which God spoke. 3) The relationship that God had with His servants from Moses through Jesus to the disciples, was the precursor to God’s movement.

Here are some things you can do to increase miracles in your life. Some of these may overlap:

1. Mature your relationship with God, through Christ.

​​​​​​​2. Just like you believe in the things that His presence generated yesterday, believe that His presence will generate something new for tomorrow.

3. Fill up and Soak in God’s presence; the force of life and everything new. You can do this through prayer and meditation. You are one with God through Christ.

​​​​​​​4. Bring Heaven to Earth. The Word says, in Matthew 6:10, ‘May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven’. You can do this through prayer. However, there’s something deeper. You need to fill your own spiritual heart with the fullness, holiness, purity, and integrity of Heaven. What Heaven is, is what you must become. Spiritual growth.

5. Speak it Forth. As God is in Christ and Christ is in you, through the filling up of Heaven and with the Holy Spirit’s power, you can speak forth newness and change; you can alter movement and space. Your voice is your staff! Moses says, “throw down your staff”

6. Look for new miracles. Write down miracles that you read about or see for yourself. Foster an environment that allows for miracles and expect them.

7. Practice miracles, create LIFE: speak boldly over your life. Speak boldly over the lives of others.

There you have it!

​​​​​​​The Lord is still working with me to get this thing fully. But I pray for you and your family a life of miracles that become so ordinary as an everyday occurrence. I pray that God use you to speak into the life of yourself and others to see big changes and transformations. God is on the move. You have to move with Him!

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