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I want to take you back. Take you back to that moment...

I want to take you back. Take you back to that moment where God met you in your struggles; a time when you opened your heart to Him because of how He did a great work in your life. He delivered you, He freed you, He brought you out of pain and restored you!

Taking you back is not about the pain but it’s about His glory specifically with you. You had an experience with God that was very personal where your spirit bellowed “Thank you Lord” from the depths of a place where others can't truly understand. And even today, when you think about it, your eyes may water, your heart overflows with love, and your spirit is so filled with gratefulness. You wonder what would you have done without Him. And though it was a crazy time, it's what grounds you in Him. You also wouldn't change the experience for anything.

You have a story. You have an experience that’s absolutely personal. When you say “Hallelujah” and “Amen” others may not know that is your spirit’s expression of soulful celebration because you know what you know about what God has done for you. You know God's Power personally! It may be that experience that originally connected you with God or maybe it opened up a new beginning for you and your Savior. No matter what, you have a personal connection to The Father that is unique but burning and bubbling to get out.

I was reading through Acts 26 the other day and the Lord magnified to me a part of the scripture written therein. The scripture is Acts 26:15-18. To paraphrase:

"We are God’s servants and witnesses. We must tell the world of our experience with Jesus. God is going to send you to a people so you can open their eyes so they will turn from darkness to light; from Satan to God. They will be forgiven of sins and have a place among God’s people."

At times, we tell our stories unable to let go of the past. Other times, we may tell our stories just to let people know how we’ve overcome. But how many times do we tell our stories so that we may give light to others and turn them away from darkness, thus turning them towards God and further away from Satan.

We can tend to love our stories but keep them too close to ourselves. I see my story/my testimony as a gift. It is a gift of light offered in a part of people’s lives that may be somewhat dark; they may need a blast of God’s light in the way that I am uniquely gifted by God.

How close are you holding your story in your bosom? The thing about your life stories is that they provide a hint of light into your life’s purpose. In the Purpose To Prosperity program, I’ve worked with woman helping them to piece all the puzzle pieces together to reveal and get clarity on exactly why they are here and what they are called to do. It’s a wonderful journey. We also work on ‘Who is God calling you to help?” To what people is God calling you so you can open their eyes to turn from a darkness towards a greater light?

You hear so much about ‘Purpose’ these days, it can sound like a gimmick. That's the world, yet we have Christ. As Women of God, we do have a Super Power. I grew up watching Wonder Woman and was so excited at a young age that there was a woman who could be beautiful, strong, and fight crime at the same time. What the heck?! As I got older and God working in my life, I realized that He is the Super Power and with Him, I am called to be Supernatural. Jesus makes us beautiful and His Spirit makes us powerful but only IF WE WANT TO BE.

You have to put on your cape. Get more personal so that your Supernatural abilities are revealed; your purpose, your unique gifts, and your tools. Don’t hold too tight to your story. It’s a gift of light for a bunch of folks God is waiting to send you…. If you accept the call.

Some will remain in the pews in the comfort of their lives. Some will get too crowded with wordly wants and selfish desires. Others may try but give up when they feel it's too much responsibility and accountability. Then there are those who will take up their torches, go in Spirit, transform and change the lives of others. What about you?

Though you may have been through a lot; a story filled with pain, disappointments, and heartaches of yesterday, there is a Celebration in your experience that shines God’s light in an area of life that you may have authority over. But you must find and use your Super Power. Somebody needs His light in you so that they can be lit and lifted up!

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