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Turning Your Problems Into Blessings!

Break Free! We tend to think that when we have issues that the problem is limited to us alone. But there are thousands of people going through the exact thing that you are. The difference is in each person’s perception, level of faith, and their resolve to handle it. There are so many people going through financial burdens currently and it’s always an issue in someone’s life. Many are feeling like the problem is targeting them only; that they are stuck and trapped in a never ending cycle of financial woes. One thing is true; you will be in the same place again if you don’t do anything about it. And you can bet your life on that.

One thing about cycles and getting stuck in life patterns is that it had to start somewhere and with someone. That someone is you. If you can get yourself stuck in a cycle, you can get yourself free from one. But you have to be willing to do it. Life patterns (a pattern of behavior and thoughts in handling and responding to a life experience) create a comfort and comfort creates trust. Some life patterns are good but if you’re stuck in a bad one, it can make your life more difficult. It doesn’t matter what you go through and how bad your situation is, you are going to handle it as you’ve always done because it’s familiar.

Fear of the unknown will keep you stuck! If you try or do something different from what you're familiar with, it’s scary. Someone could give you the best advice, best answer, and open the door to freedom for you but you won’t walk through because you trust your old systematic ways even though they don’t necessarily get you out of your dilemma permanently. Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Comfort and familiarity does not equal freedom. It does the opposite. It keeps you boxed and stagnate your life. Here are 10 things to consider as you turn your problems into blessings:

1) Face your fears –You need to think differently than you’ve thought before. You need to do something different than what you’ve done before. Come outside the box. Most of your problem solving skills only provides temporary relief. Temporary relief is not a problem in itself; it only becomes a problem when you don’t have problem solving skills that provide long term relief solutions. You have to approach difficulties in a new way. Come out of familiar territory.

2) Are you complaining? – What is it about complaining that comforts you? Most situations we get in it is not the first time. You got through the same problems before but something in you dismisses this fact. So if you’re complaining and worrying about something you’ve overcome before, you need to ask yourself, 'What do you get out of complaining?". Do you want compassion, understanding, pity, affection, etc…? Most people want some type of comfort for what they are experiencing but rather than complain, ask for a hug, ask for some love.

3) Ask for what you need – Some people can tend to have pride in being self sufficient and miss out on getting what they need. Only God is self-sufficient and when He made you, He made you dependent, dependent upon Him. You were never meant to do anything solely on your own. God is a Lord of relationships. Otherwise, He would have created just Adam. Ask for what you need and let others help. It’s better to get a ‘Yes’ every now and then, than to get a guaranteed ‘No’ by not asking at all.

4) Count your blessings – When having problems, it’s easy to compare yourself to the lives of others. You begin to look at what you don’t have verses what you do have. Instead, look at what blessings you have that others don’t. You are unique and God blesses you uniquely. He didn’t make everyone to have the same type of life and experiences. However, He does have a unique purpose for your life and how He will bless it. Know that whatever God’s will is for your life, it is ‘Good’.

5) Trust God – This is the epitome of them all but the least we depend upon. We are so use to our own methods of survival; we don’t allow the Lord to provide our needs. We have come to trust in our own methods and the workings of mankind. Having faith in God means stepping away from trying to control the situation and believing that the Lord will provide you with what’s needed. Do you ever read the scripture about the birds and how God cares for them every day? And the flowers in the field? God has a natural process of taking care of your needs. If He cares for the flowers and birds, how much would He care for you? Having faith means to ‘not worry’ but to conform to joy because God will naturally work it out. When you believe this, your problems won’t be problems anymore.

6) Choose Better – One thing is for sure, if you make the same choice you made previously to get you in a bind, there is a %100 chance that you will get the same result. You have to be honest with yourself about your choices. We tend to look at each problem as an isolated incident but we’ve encountered most before, we just haven’t done anything different since the last instance. Once the problem was resolved, though temporarily, we move on until the next one comes along. Instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop, think ahead of what you could do different next time and how to avoid the problem from happening again. You got where you are today by making a choice yesterday.

7) Remember! - When you experience problems in your life, there is an emotional response that comes with them. There are feelings connected with what you’re experiencing, such as hurt, worry, disappointment, sadness, and so on. These emotions don’t feel good. When you remember what it felt like to go through a particular experience, you are motivated in avoiding that experience again. Make choices that will keep you from having to experience those feelings again for the same issue.

8) Have goals – Having goals and making plans give you hope and something to look forward to. When you follow through with the plans, it gives you life, makes you happy, and gives you strength to keep going. Your confidence level increases. This is the best remedy for feeling stuck and trapped in a life cycle. This is like a free ticket to the freedom you have planned for yourself. When you stop making plans and having goals, you give into the system that will keep you boxed throughout your life.

9) Don’t Procrastinate – Once you make goals and have dreams, don’t move slowly on them. Don’t procrastinate or make your dreams second place. They are your priority! Within the Divine, you are a creator of your life. You write the book. The social system is set up to put your dreams last. You are the only one who can make sure you have the desired life outcome you want. Choose your dreams, while working in the system. Don’t work in the system, trying to fit your dreams in. Life is too short to cash in on wasted time.

10) Pray and Reflect – Prayer is the most important part of getting through problems and difficult situations. In prayer, focus on the faith and resolution that God is working everything out. Thank Him for what He’s doing on your behalf that you can’t see with your own eyes. Self reflect and let the Lord guide you in how you or how you’re handling a situation can be better.

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