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Creating, Restoring, & Redeeming Relationships for 2015

There's a prophetic flow I'm seeing happening by God's divine hand. I'm witnessing relationships being restored and new relationships being created. There are more people I know getting married than I've ever seen in my life. The year 2015 is going to be the year of marriages, including mine. But why? There are also relationships that went bad years ago, being restored, allowing for Forgiveness to be another big theme for 2015. But why? Also, if you look at what's going on in the news regarding Ferguson and other stories of racial discontent, I believe it's just another call from God to restore and unite America as a country. But why?

Why is the Lord calling for restoration and redemption of relationships. Why is he calling for a nation to reunite? I think that's very obvious. With a nation fighting against itself it is not equipped or prepared for war or to protect themselves from an enemy. Without right relationships, it's easy for the enemy to attack. If we need to prepare and be ready for what may be unknown, the best way is through relationship; relationships among man and woman, relationships in our families, relationships in our communities, and relationships nationally.

We have become blind to what's morality. We have become a self-gratification nation even more so. Giving attention to the needs of others and serving our communities and those we love by showing love build us up as a nation. It will be a great polarity of people moving towards relationship creation, restoration, and redemption. There will be times of ultimate joy and happiness but it will turn into strength, in challenging times, a time when the nation will need it the most. Ultimately, you, our communities, and our nation will fall back into right relationship with God. That is the point! In order to move forward as a nation back under God, we need to be restored and redeemed by our Savior. In order for our nation to be protected, we need to be back in God's arms again. We've been in a season of Feast & Folly and the Lord is turning that around. We will be transported into the Season of the King. God will have us to remember Him. 2015 is just the beginning.

What can you do now? Prayer is going to be one important vice for 2015. However, most of all we're going to be called to repentance in many ways. We will be called to take a new look at our spirits and re-learn Who God is. We will grow spiritually and be refreshed as we get new revelations from God. He's going to open His Spirit up and reveal secrets of heaven never released. He's going to show His presence in ways that no one can deny. The notion of paranormal will be placed aside with the awesomeness of His supernatural. Those in the forefront who think they know God and speaking for God will have revelation that they haven't come close. We're all to sit, listen, and watch while God teaches. Church leadership will take a back seat to God's seat on the Throne. It's time to be students again, children of God again, sons and daughters of the King, humble people, worshippers of Him only...

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