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Why You Should Keep a Journal

Words contain energies that create, just as God breathed life into our universe and life as we see it from the words He released. I believe that our words have Power. We can place good or evil behind our words but whatever energies we place behind them, they go somewhere. Words from the lips, from the page, from the mind; they search for a resting place to move or influence the object in which they land. Most of us don’t think too much about the power of our words because they are so easy to use and don’t require much thought. Only the conscious can know how to use words effectively, consciously, deliberately, and powerfully. Unfortunately, some may use words to seek pleasure for themselves or in a deceptive manner but using words for good and in the force of God’s light can do marvelous things in your life and the life of others whom you influence. My prophetic journal is my way of expressing that in my life. It is for encouragement, motivation, hope, strength, and most of all Prophetic Movement in my life and those in my sphere of influence placed by the Father of the Universe. My Prophetic Journal is to cause Movement in my life behind the words God speak through me into this sphere. God is wonderful. He is Light and He is a force to be reckoned with. The Holy Spirit and His Heavenly ones sit, wait, and watch for a prophetic word to be carried out from the Father’s mouth. I look to see what they carry out for me, those I love, those I know, and possibly, in some cases, those I don’t know. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. He will lead me by His Words. I will listen. I will follow. I will give light. I will receive light. I will give love and I will receive love. The Heavens break open above me and God will speak! Here’s what He says…

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