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The Drought will End! Let it Rain!

Have you ever prayed for a situation regarding yourself or someone else and it seem so hard to get a breakthrough? Some situations feel like they're almost impossible to be broken, especially if all the factors are working against any relief.

I’ve been praying for someone very close to me. At the moment, their situation looks like they are going deeper into the abyss of darkness with no way out. It hurts to watch them do what they’re doing to themselves. All I can do is talk to them and pray about it, which I’ve continued to do.

Again, yesterday, I prayed for this person. This time, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about it. In a vision, I saw a cactus then He showed me water drawing from the cactus saying, “even my water, my Spirit, can be drawn from a cactus”. I don’t suggest you drink cactus water, though others may say different. But there is a message in this.

What do you think about when you think of a cactus? When you think of a cactus do you even consider it a plant? Or a favorable plant? Though some people eat cactus fruit, it’s not usually our first choice. The name cactus means 'spiny plant' because of its prickly thorns which are meant to deter animals from eating the plant’s material. You will find cacti in very dry environments. But though the environment is dry, the cacti is made to quickly absorb rain water and contain a high volume for storage. They can survive long drought periods.

Consider all of this in relation to what seems like an ‘unbreakable’ situation. You’ve been praying and praying, putting all your passion and heart into seeking God’s hand on a situation. You keep wondering is He hearing you or when is the break through coming. You struggle between feeling disappointed, hopeless, faithless to encouragement, faith, and expectation. Just the prayer itself becomes a struggle.

But let’s listen to what the Spirit is saying. To us, in our humanness and in our timing, we’re looking for a quick turnaround. The Lord never said that there wouldn’t be struggles and challenges. With the falling of angels, came the fall of man too. This world is tainted with the source of troubles. He also didn’t always promise quick turn-arounds. In fact, how many times have we read in the Good Book about droughts? When we think of droughts, we think of the lack of resources like food. But there are droughts in people’s live when things just aren’t fruitful whether it’s because of a choice they made or something out of their control.

In thinking about the cactus, we know that God is telling us that there will be droughts in people’s lives. Yet during the drought the Holy Spirit is still watering them slowly but surely; storing up His spirit. You may look at the situation as prickly, untouchable and impenetrable but the Holy Spirit is telling you that He can draw water from any dry and hard situation. It tells us that you/they will come out anointed when the bow breaks.

That’s amazing! Celebrate that victory though you don’t see it yet. The bow will break! I know, in the present time, you may be suffering about it somehow. It doesn’t feel good so while you’re still praying about it, don’t forget to take care of you or help the best and most healthy way you can in support of who you’re praying for.

You can probably never prepare for the length of the drought season but never ever give up praying. Because your prayers are the key to watering the drought. Amen! Don’t give up! Trust God that one day, the bow will break. Hallelujah! Don’t count the days. Count the prayers!

When the drought is over, tell yourself or let the person you’ve been praying for know that you’ve been watering them for so many number of days, months, or years. God heard your prayers!

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