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Creating the Life God wants for You!

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, 'What does the most lived, wonderful life look like for me?' What are your answers? How do you define it? How do you envision it?

God made us to accomplish things. He made us to want, to desire and to dominate. It first started with giving us dominion over all things in the earth. He created us to be ambitious creators. Unfortunately, we can abuse this nature about ourselves. However, for the most part, we are blessed to lead and to lead our lives.

We want more and we know that God has great things for us. We know that there is a potential to be reached even though we may define it differently. In another e-blog at the end of December, titled, "From Healing to Purpose", I wrote about creating a masterpiece; becoming a master over your life.

It's not that God doesn't want a great life for you, which some people tend to believe. They believe that you have to suffer of God and be a martyr, when it is Christ himself who's already done that for you. This is not to say that you won't have problems in this world but even in that, Christ is your answer.

God has already granted you the opportunity to live your best life through the act of the cross. Your victory over life is in Christ overcoming death. You owe it to God to live your best life. Improving your life and the lives of others magnifies God's name. The way you live expresses your gratefulness and thankfulness to Him for giving His life for you. You want to do that in the best way. Your best life must fit into the Goodness of God and His act of Love.

The Lord wants you living your best in His Goodness. This means understanding what 'Good' means for Him and applying it to your life. It means making 'good' choices; choices that God would choose. It means behaving in ways that are pleasing to God. It demands speaking in ways that produce good things. By participating in Good, you welcome God's goodness but even more so you attract more of it.

When thinking of creating your life's masterpiece, God's goodness is key to an abundant life. Creating abundance is to create a spirit of plenty that adds more to your spiritual and physical existence. You create a flow of more goodness! His Goodness breeds life and more life…

With His Goodness, God…

  1. Wants you healthy

  2. Wants you fed and cared for

  3. Wants you to live in Peace

  4. Wants you to have abundance and Be Prosperous

  5. Wants you to live a productive quality life

  6. Wants you wealthy with a balance of Wisdom/Humbleness

  7. Wants you to live generously helping others

  8. Wants you to live comfortably

  9. Wants you to live purposely

  10. Wants you to be loved wholeheartedly

The Lord wants us to live the life we desire, within the confines of His Goodness.

We all have Kingdom Purpose, which is:

  1. To have an intimate authentic relationship with Him, through Christ. This will dramatically improve your life by default.

  2. To introduce others to Him, through Christ, for an intimate relationship as well; to save them from destruction and to improve their own lives.

  3. To share and spread His Love and Goodness in the world.

Outside of that, God gives you a very specific purpose with freedom and choice. You have gifts and talents provided to you on purpose, by God, for a personal agenda that fits into the Kingdom agenda. You must lean on God for Wisdom. You have inherited His creativity and His genius. You have the permission, the space, the tools and ability to create your life's masterpiece.

You have the keys to happiness!

  1. Believe it

  2. Dream it

  3. Take Action

  4. Manifest

  5. Live Abundantly with Purpose

  6. Help others and create a domino effect

How serious are you at creating a masterpiece for your life?

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