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From Healing To Purpose

With the beginning of a new year at bay, it brings the feeling of newness; a new start; a new beginning. However, before we even get there, we must reflect on the year that’s ending. You must reflect on what you accomplished; what you set out to accomplish but didn’t and why. What habits, thoughts, or behaviors got in your way from following through on your goals? How can you turn it around so that the thing you want will be accomplished? How good were you to yourself this year? How did you grow? What stopped you from growing?

All of these are good questions to help you reflect. In order to go forward, we must remove the obstacles that stand in the way. You must also be honest about how you stand in your own way and get off track. So, before you make goals for next year, talk to God and ask Him for wisdom and guidance for where you are stuck. The Lord has no problem showing you who you are, but He also has a desire to show you who He wants you to be; who you were born to be. May He show you your life with NEW eyes!

My desire is to see you walk out your best life; to get it right so that you may bask in the abundant, prosperous life destined for you. Our gift of life on earth is such a short time, that everyday should be a pursuit; a pursuit of Christ, a pursuit of joy, a pursuit of prosperity, a pursuit of a dream come true. God made us as co-creators. You are gifted to co-create, with God, a masterpiece of your life, the lives of others, and the world at large. What can you say that you created with God this year? On what have you set your masterpiece's signature in your life or someone else's? I want you to think about that seriously.

To live a life of purpose, you must have a pursuit. That pursuit must include you being a co-creator with God. In that pursuit, you must be dogmatic and unstoppable. You are the Michelangelo of your life. If you sit back and let anything onto the canvas of your life, you might get a good picture but if you put more effort, by Faith, into what goes on that canvas, you can have a masterpiece. A masterpiece is defined as a work done with extraordinary skill; a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement; an artist's or craftsman's best piece of work; a piece of work presented as evidence of qualification for the rank of master. You must become a Master!

The Lord is also looking for His creators, the architects and sculptors of the Kingdom. He’s looking for those who have vision because with vision comes manifestation. With manifestation things are made better, beautified, transformed, and changed. The influence of the Kingdom is prominent and strong when we all follow our dreams and the pursuits given to us to our hearts from the heart of God. All for one and one for all!

Your healing is necessary for a Kingdom change. The Lord wants you healed because He loves you, but He also needs you healed because you are made stronger in your healing. We become eagles. We become winners. We become change makers. When you are healed, you usher in the Holy Spirit with great winds and speeds that will change an atmosphere in a moment’s time. You are the presence of the Holy Spirit. How are you carrying Him?

I pray healing over your heart, mind, and soul that you may acquire the strength to carry the presence in the way God commands so that you can walk in the position of co-creator, envisioning and manifesting each masterpiece assigned to you, that your life changes as well as the lives of others. May your soul be prepared and transformed towards the pursuit of the creative genius inbred in you by the Holy Spirit. May your spirit be lifted to hear the call, and may your heart be lifted up to meet it’s demands. May Love be the compensation of which you attract, also forming itself into financial blessings! The Lord shall whisper to you….

I’m asking God about 2019, so I will share that next, in my New Year’s eblog, to come. I’m wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I pray that you are happy during this time, that your family is safe, and that God is meeting all your needs.

From my family to yours, we wish you Love, Peace, and Joy!

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