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You Are More than you Know!

Following my spiritual warfare of getting involved in spiritual activities that weren't of God, the Lord spoke to me letting me know that, though I took the wrong road to find Him, He was delighted at the fact that I was looking for Him, in the true sense.

Additionally, I’ve heard testimonies of people who risked going down a dark path looking for God spiritually because they knew there was more to God than what they were experiencing in church or in their Christian walk.

In my journey of talking and working with women, I've learned how much they truly love God but most interestingly, they have one great thing in common. That common theme is that they truly hunger for the Spirit of God; the supernatural experience. They thirst for Him and want to be full and drunk in His Spirit. They want a real and deep relationship with Him that is tangible and undeniable. Is this you too?

Deep down within you know there is something touchable with God. You want that. That’s what I wanted and that's what many desire.

Over and over, you have read about my passion in getting God’s daughters who don't have a deep relationship with God to have a deeper and personal relationship with Him. But what you may be missing about the passion I have is that I’m promoting a touchable relationship between you and Him… I’m promoting true Intimacy. What you may not understand is that a ‘touchable’ relationship is a more supernatural relationship. My eblog is not called Supernatural for just any reason. It is to promote that ‘touchable’ relationship; bringing you closer to God that you soak in His love.

The reason many find it hard to get there is due to fear, lack of knowledge, and lack of understanding. For instance, most understand that God is a Spirit, yet you’re also taught to be afraid of spiritual things. People tell me all the time that they want to hear from God but yet they really are afraid to. First off, if God spoke audibly in your ear, you’d probably run. You’d also question if it is God at all. You'd probably go as far as to try to bind His Spirit. You’d probably want to avoid that experience again.

The ironic thing is that you are made up of Spirit first. You were born of spirit made in God’s image. You are a spiritual and supernatural individual. Yet because you aren’t raised in the Spirit like you’re raised in your physical environment, it can seem foreign to you. Therefore, your spirit thirsts, seeks, searches and hunger for the Spirit of God. It is natural to do so because it’s WHO you are made of.

What happens is that some people, in their search, go looking in the wrong places. They dig into spiritual faiths and practices that seem touchable. What we’ve done, as Christians, is shut down that supernatural door because we really don’t understand it and because of fear. Instead of studying it and embracing our Godly inheritance, we run from it. Yet, we borrow from other spiritual systems adopting them as Christian or as our own personal beliefs that may not lead us to the best spiritual places.

You are so much more than what you know. You are so much more than what you can see with your own eyes. Many want to be prophets and prophesy. Many want to walk in their gifts. Many want to see the power and manifestations of God. But most haven't begun to know who they are supernaturally without gifts or looking for titles. There’s a supernatural home, agency, government, etc… that you belong to that you have no idea about. It’s your supernatural identity. Within that identity is an undeniable faith and power.

Your faith is more than what you know. You know within that you do serve a God of Power but it may seem to elude you. But I can tell you, there’s more for you; a whole differently life of living. WHOM you thirst for is real. You chose to journey towards Him or not but He’s always waiting and pulling.

Right now, in these times, it is a Glorious Time! People are looking at the church as if it's falling apart but aren't paying attention to the body of Christ; the ones who are carrying the presence. The ones who are breaking free of tradition and old structures because they want the presence. They are following the signs of life and not looking back on the dry bones of yesterday. May you break free and heed to the calling of His presence.

Here are a few things that I can give you to help you along the way:

1. Study the Word of God in a new way to understand the Supernatural environment of God.

2. Tell your supernatural stories. They should be a normal way of life.

3. Change your perception to a God view in things happening around you.

4. Study others who can provide insight into the Lord and His Supernatural world. Trust your discernment.

5. Pray in Authenticity and Genuineness. Write down your prayers and God's answer to them.

6. Meditate in prayer (listening for God). Be open to the supernatural. You won’t learn by being fearful.

7. Ask God for the Supernatural in your life decreasing your fear while increasing your discernment.

8. Write down your dreams/visions and try to interpret them.

These are just a few. My intent is to get you closer to God where miracles happen every day; where His presence is with you at every moment that you don’t have to think twice.

You don’t have to wait till you get to heaven to bring heaven to earth. You also don’t have to wait until you get to heaven to see Jesus face and see the power of God. It’s all right here, right NOW!

You are a Supernatural Woman! Literally!

Wear it on your chest:

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