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Know you're making the right choice!

Throughout life you are called to make decisions; to make a choice about something. There are things that you will continue to want and desire in your life. Making the right choice is sometimes easy for you. However, there may be times that don’t seem very easy, which becomes a challenging feat because it has the power to possibly change your life drastically.

One wrong choice can send you down a path of pain for years and hurt your soul! Yet, the older you get, the more you can be disciplined by learning the wisdom of choice. I know you can think of a choice you’ve made that caused pain and put you in some troubling times.

As I said before, some choices we make are very clear, especially when based on systems of right and wrong that we adhere to, though that doesn’t phase some people. But for the most part, some things are simply laid out for you. But when you think about making big changes to your life and wondering if you should take bold steps or not, you may need help with it.

You may have wondered;

Should I take this job?

Should I go back to school?

Should I marry this person?

Should I move to this location?

These types of questions aren’t so easy and laid out for you. As a Christian woman, the first thing you do is go to the Lord.

Our help comes from the Lord! Many say they ask God and can’t hear from Him about what to do. Some think they hear but not certain. This is why it’s important to have that close one on one with Him, so you can learn how He speaks to you specifically and to also get to a point, where you will be certain about God’s voice.

Understand that the Lord allows you to choose with your gift of free will. He expects you to make choices to not control you but to let your heart be led authentically in His presence. So, don’t be afraid to make a choice. You just want confirmation to know if it’s right with God. Additionally, you can have choices in front of you where you could choose either while continuing on the same path God has for you. But there could still be an option that’s the best option.

I’d like to provide you a bit of insight in sensing that God’s approval is on the choice you’re making.

How can you know that it’s right with God?:


  1. Your own spirit is right with it. There’s a sense of balance; a sense of yes. It feels like your spirit is smiling even if you are anxious and nervous.

  2. There’s a sense of joy in your confusion, if any. You are ecstatic when you think about it, so your spirit jumps for joy. All joy drowns out any fear.

  3. You feel and experience a sense of the universe gravitating you towards your choice. Even when you haven’t completely made up your mind, the universe is setting you up like serendipity. All of a sudden, you are getting information about it that you didn’t ask for verbally (tho in your spirit you did). There are people you meet that can help you in some way regarding it or have information they can provide you. Things fall into place like an easy orchestration.

  4. It comes to you specifically in the way that you prayed to God for it. The detail you gave God and all it’s conditions are exactly what you asked for.

  5. You feel a sense of relief. Not only is your spirit illuminating that it’s a good thing, but you feel a sense of burden lifted.

My heart for you is to get deep into the presence of God that your own presence basks in the river of the Holy Spirit. I want to share His fragrance with you, bring you closer, and cloak you in His garment. Overall, I want to heighten your sensitivities to the Spirit so that you can live in Him to make you strong and to minimize confusion.

In our Spirit Beautiful Facebook group, I asked the question of “How does God Speak to You?” There were several comments from the group that shared how God speaks to them. I think exercises like this are helpful. Though we may all experience Him in different ways, we can all learn from one another. But the most awesome thing is that the stronger we are individually, the stronger The Body is together!

So, keep them prayers going. Talk to God. But don’t forget to listen as well!

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