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Healing for Soul's Sake

When you go through experiences in life that bring about challenges it’s an experience of the soul. I’m sure you have a story to tell where you have endured a painful experience. You may have many stories to tell.

As people, we all have something we can share that has placed a staple on our lives path that we will always remember. Yes, we move on because we have to. The things we go through doesn’t stop life from happening. So, we have to move forward. With God, we have Him to go to and talk about it. We have Him to gain our strength to keep going.

I want to talk a little bit about that pain. Emotional pain comes in different forms, size, shapes, and colors but it feels the same. It hurts. In our human experience, we know there will be times that challenge us, and we will experience a non-physical injury that makes your heart hurt and your insides ache.

For some of us, we do move on in our actions but not in our hearts. You may think because a certain event happened so long ago, you’ve gotten over it. And because you haven’t talked about it in some time, you’ve healed. However, that may not be true.

In my research, I’ve spoken to women who don’t understand why they feel angry, depressed, or stuck. I’ve also talked to women who are challenged with feeling stuck in the past or concentrates on past events. You may have moved on, but have you healed?

Many times, when you feel angry for no reason, depressed and don’t know why, or stuck and can’t understand why your life feels at a standstill, it’s because you still may have some healing to do. Bruises to your soul have taken hold of you. The event is gone but the pain is still alive and deeply hidden.

Additionally, pain builds over time through many different painful events. Any painful situation that draws hurt can pile up as a mountain of pain hidden in your heart. Pain can also reveal itself as a result of having to struggle and resenting the fact that you did.

For example, I know many single mothers who go through the struggle of motherhood alone. Yes, they are successful raising their children alone but it’s that fight in the heart that endures so much becoming a hidden pain.

Life expects so much from you;

  • Struggling for someone to love and love you

  • Struggling to finish school

  • Struggling to find a job

  • Struggling to be accepted

  • Struggling to find God

These are normal parts of life but if you don’t have discernment, they can add to the emotional pain you already have from more pronounced painful events.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because simply, ‘God wants to heal your soul’. When I talk about the soul, I’m speaking of the deepest recesses of your heart where things are hidden. And those things that are hidden carry power. They don’t show up every day. But when they show up, they show up in subtle ways like anger, depression, addiction, and so on. They show up in ways where the pain creates a cycle or more pain in your life in a very cunning way.

But today is a different day. Today, you will begin to heal. Any unresolved emotional pain will need to surface so that the Holy Spirit can release it then replace that painful space with His Love.

  1. Pray and ask God to reveal all that’s unresolved within the depths of your heart. If you start remembering and feeling things from the past you haven’t felt or thought about in years, it’s the Lord bringing it forward for you to release it in love.

  2. Acknowledge the experience while knowing that the experience never took God’s love away from you. It doesn’t change your beautiful core. It doesn’t take away your Star of David. It doesn’t decrease any of your heavenly value.

  3. Agree with the Holy Spirit know that you will be at peace with it and visualize yourself handing the pain over to Him.

  4. Write a beautiful letter to yourself about who you are moving forward in God and your new worth.

The soul is tough but keep it beautiful... hence, Spirit Beautiful.

In addition, I want you to move forward to promise yourself that you will not make decisions that sacrifice your soul or your value. For instance, I’ve put myself in situations that I knew was bad for me but thought I’d be strong enough to overcome any obstacles in order to get what I desired. I moved forward in a relationship that God Himself warned me not to do. Yet, I convinced myself to do it. I lost a lot and gained pain. I had to struggle to put my life back together. I’ve taken a job before that God told me not to because of the money and I got a lot of pain back from it. Lessons learned!

So, vow to yourself that you will no longer make bad decisions that will cost your 'soul's worth' somehow in the end. God is talking and warning for a reason. It may look good right now but, in the end, you would have only sacrificed yourself and hopefully not others too.

Here are a few questions to ask when making decisions:

  • Will it nourish me?

  • Will it give me life?

  • Does it support my value?

  • Will it bare fruit and prosperity in return?

  • Is it in the best of God’s Spirit?

  • Does it fit into my life perfectly?

  • Is my heart at peace?

Making good choices may not always be easy but stay true to God and to Self. There will be times when you’ll have to spend more time with God to hear the answer. But always pray to attract the best circumstances, people, and resources to the support of God’s best life for you! Heal for your soul’s sake!

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