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You're This Close to What You Want!

I know there’s something in your life you want to change. There’s something that you want that you know will make your life better. Every year you may set up a New Year’s resolution that fades away by March. There are things that you may be motivated about in the beginning, but familiarity gets in the way residing you to what you’re used to. Next thing you know, it’s another year later than years later and you’re still in the same place. As you get older, you feel time ticking while your dreams and passions get further and further away from you.

I miss my Godmother dearly. She passed away 9 years ago. It doesn’t seem that long, but it is. One of the things I think about is how she had a desire to reach a million-dollar mark in her finances. She had fake million-dollar bills throughout her home. You probably know others who’ve done this. She read good books on finances, studied the Word about it, and prayed for the blessing. It wasn’t about greed, but she was standing in her faith believing that God would bless her. Her faith along with her actions had intent to draw to her that which she was believing God for. Unfortunately, her life was taken before her faith in God could manifest. I think about that on many days. Despite how we might think about it, she had a dream. She had a request out to God that she never got to see manifest in her future.

I consider this when I think about my own future; the things I desire in God, with God and from God. Many live like they’re immortal as if they will live forever. Others give up and stop caring about what the Lord has and wants for them. The rest... They get started but don’t follow through by making false promises to themselves to get it done one day. I have my own challenges with certain changes I want to make to benefit my life inside and out.

The easy part is knowing what you desire and have a passion for, in God. You get challenged in your faith but even more challenging, you may lack follow through. How many of us want a stronger personal relationship with God but may not give the time needed? How many of us have goals we want to reach that will enhance the quality of our lives but procrastinate taking the steps needed?

The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t are the ones who stay motivated and act. But I want to share a tip of success for you that helps me. Here’s the tip:

The ability to stay motivated to make changes and reach your goals have a lot to do with your ‘Why’.

Why do you want the changes you want? Why do you want the goals you’re trying to reach?

I don’t know exactly why my Godmother asked for a million dollars. It’s easy to think it’s just about money but not necessarily. Let me give you food for thought.

For instance, I desire a financial prosperous life just as my Godmother. The prosperous life that God also wants for me. I haven’t asked for a million dollars specifically, but I do expect His abundant blessings in many forms, including money. Either way, me desiring a financial prosperous life has nothing to do with money.

When I think about my Why and what motivates me to keep going every day is ‘Relationships’. Yes. Relationships. Not money.

What do I mean? I do what I do because of God. I do what I do because of my family and the people I love. It’s all about God and them. It’s about the time I spend with them. So, when I think about working through my Purpose for the purposes of God and Him blessing me I’m considering my family. When the Lord bless me financially I’m excited about the things I get to do with my family like hanging out with them, going out to eat, traveling, taking vacations, building a family home that can stay in the family for generations, and having land where they can see God’s beauty. I’m excited about what God is going to reveal to me next and feeling His love when I pray. I’m also excited about how I get to build God’s business and help those He sends my way. I get excited about how I can make my clients feel a warm welcome that translates to the beauty of a soul.

When it comes to my health, I want to be healthy, so I can be around for my grands for a long time.

So, you see. Your ‘Why’ can tell your true story. Your ‘Why’ can be such a great motivation tool for you to finally make those changes and have the desires you’ve always wanted. God is waiting on you! Your tomorrow isn’t promised so your time is always ‘right now’.

So, I want to know, why do you want change in your life? I’m sure there is something you desire...

A stronger relationship with God

A new career

A new mindset

Better relationships

All the above

Whatever it may be, the question is ‘Why?’

It’s so important that you understand what makes you tick underneath it all. From there you can see more clearly that your dreams and God’s promise is not too far from you. As you wake up each morning, think about your ‘Why’ and keep stepping to the promise one task at a time.

I don’t know why my Godmother wanted to manifest 1 million but I’m sure she had her Why. I have a feeling that it had to do with family too.

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