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You Can Be Happy

You can be happy the way you want to be happy…. And I want you to be.

Who do you know that doesn’t want a happy life? I’m sure you know people who may be miserable but it’s mainly because they feel they don’t deserve happiness. But generally, many things in life are based on you being happy. Companies mostly sell happiness to you as a customer. However, is it really happiness they’re selling you or a life of ease? For example, McDonald’s has a drive thru so that you can avoid taking the time of getting out of your car and walking into the store to wait in line for your food. They’ve made it convenient for you by having to do less work. It seemingly makes life easier for you. But when did doing less work become happiness?

I believe that, as we are catered to with convenience, the less we do but the more we expect. We can go through the drive thru for our food. We can get our goods from Amazon in one to two days. We can get a quick answer on our cell phones. We can call Uber to come pick us up right away. We can now even get our food picked up by Uber Eats. It’s all fantastic. It’s a wonderful thing to be catered to and get things done quick. We pay for royalty. But how much does that work against us as well?

When you can have things always happen for you right away with ease and convenience, when real life shows up, you’re devastated. Some can’t handle it. Some get down and depressed. We feel like something is holding back on the royalty that we’re used to. We feel like the devil is against us. We pray to God to put some movement on our situation. There’s nothing wrong with praying about your situation and asking God to help you out. However, it must be acknowledged that happiness doesn’t come in a product or bottle. It doesn’t come with the ease of life, at least, not at first.

Living on a facade that life is going to always be easy causes a lack of resolve to deal with problems that do come. It weakens us where God needs us to be strong. Your happiness is in your strength, not in your weakness.

You can be happy while learning to navigate the trials in your life, in the strength of the Lord. Happiness in your life is an evolution of your soul. It is your soul learning lessons, listening to God, and reaching your full potential of your true self. The more you get this, the happier you become. It comes with work and risk. The Lord has laid a foundation for your life before you were even born. You are here for a reason. There are things about your life that are unique; your passions, your calling, your personal relationship with God, your journey, and your expressions.

It’s easy to wait on God to show you a sign but there's more. You can wait by doing something and by doing more than something. You still need 'works' in your faith. You still should do all you can physically and emotionally. Even people who don’t have faith do this. You ever ask yourself why certain people, who don’t have faith, are happy and doing good? It’s because they do the work and take the risks. They take advantage of a faith they don’t even have (in what God has available).

You have to make a choice to be happy. For example, if part of happiness for you is losing weight, you have to do the work to lose weight. There may be some one who can sell you a weight loss pill but then they’ll still tell you that you still have to exercise. There is no quick fix in real life. Thank God for things that make life easier for you but desire and fight for true happiness. What do you want? What sort of life do you want that will make your true self really happy? Meanwhile, here are a few things to consider for a life of happiness:

  • How are you currently working on your spiritual growth with God?

  • What’s changed about you from the previous year?

  • How are you currently working on your personal development?

  • What’s new that you’ve learned about yourself this year?

  • What are you waiting on God for while covering all your basis in what you can do?

  • What goals have you made that you’ve actually met recently?

  • Where have you taken a risk in favor of your happiness despite another desirable option?

Here’s my point. If you truly want to be happy, you have to proactively work at it while trusting God with it. Don’t sit on your future. No matter what the situation looks like for you right now….

  • Do something

  • Be productive

  • Make choices that will benefit your heart’s authentic happiness

  • Grow personally and spiritually

  • When challenged put on your soldier’s hat and keep going

  • Have courage with taking risks (your faith will grow)

  • Do what's right for you and not for everyone else

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