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When God wants to get my attention, He’ll speak to me through various sources, like pieces of a puzzle, all within a certain period of time. The gift that He’s given me pulls these pieces together to understand His message. One morning, through three different sources, His message for me became this: let your perception of your own presence be as a gate. In other words, it’s easy to just flow with life, letting life and the world affect you more than it is for you to influence life and affect the world. You have to be careful that in the ordinary ticking of world time, you are not waiting for what will happen but looking for opportunities to make things happen in God’s “no time”, which is “heaven’s time”. In God’s time, what you look for has already happened, what you pray for has already come to pass, what you look for you’ve already found, what exist now is already gone, and so on.

As a believer, you are a GATE. Every single day, you share your space with unbelievers, including Christians who walk in unbelief. Unbelief is not just about those who don’t have salvation. It is also about those who have agreed with God for their salvation yet they struggle with unbelief that doesn’t distinguish any difference from the unsaved. We have to work, shop, talk, travel, eat, and be with unbelievers 90% of our day. This can make a believer sometimes feel pressured in their faith, unrest in their spirit, or frustrated with behaviors and the lifestyles of others but this is a reaction rather than interaction.

Your interaction comes from within your gate. The Lord God says, “Open Your Gate”! Do you realize that you are the Gate of Heaven wherever you are, whomever you’re with, and whatever situation you are in? You are a spiritual gate.

Psalm 24: 7 Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors that the King of glory may come in.

Whatever type of job you do: if you’re a student, if you’re a teacher, if you are a salesman, if you’re a lawyer, if you’re an Executive, if you’re a truck driver, if you work in a nursery, if you’re a homemaker, if you’re a corner store clerk, or any occupation where you are surrounded by people daily, it doesn’t matter, You are a Gate. God comes through you.

Your presence alone should fill your space with the presence of the Lord that the Kingdom of God is influenced and released to those around you, not the other way around. This is the confidence of the Holy Spirit. The scripture says, “Lift up your heads, O you gates”, that means that your view of everything is a vertical view and not a horizontal view. In a horizontal world view, you see all that’s the influence of evil, bad, sadness, death, sickness, depression, and all that is wrong. In God’s view, the vertical view, the view of Heaven, you see the influence of love, light, good, joy, happiness, life, wonder, miraculous, and all that is righteous and supernatural. The one thing about God’s view is that you have to really believe it in order to become it. Otherwise, you’re just being religious and people smell religion and tend to avoid it.

In God’s view, as you lift up your head as a gate toward Heaven, the Glory of God, you inhale all of that liquid fruit that affects you like the wine of the Spirit that the King of glory may come in. When you bring your head back down to face the world, you re-focus and as you open your senses your gate releases the Kingdom, releases Heaven, and releases His Glory upon all in your presence every single day. You are heaven for a lot of people; you are a representative of the Kingdom of Glory. Do not blend anymore, “Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.”

This should be your attitude, perception, and action toward every single moment. Your reality is a Kingdom reality, not the reality of this world. Where there is death, in the Kingdom, there is life. This world accepts “No” as an answer; our world says “Yes”. Our Kingdom says that all things are possible to those who love the Lord. Don’t compromise for lack of understanding the things of God; just believe because He said it. Mind your GATE at all times. Know who you are. Have confidence in the things of God. You are not just heaven to others, you are protector as well. Mind your GATE for those in your presence.

Keep your head up because when you look down that’s where unbelief takes its root. Keep your head up. Keep your head up. You see differently and you know differently. Keep your head up, in the name of Jesus. When you watch the news with all its bad stories, keep your head up. When you hear of the sickness of others, keep your head up. When you hear about destruction and sin against good people, keep your head up. God is always saying something different than the newscaster. God is always saying something different about sickness; He says that they are healed. God is always saying something about those who are sinned against. And you have a responsibility to not just know what He says but who you are and your role in what’s going on upon the earth. Hey People! Wake up! Mind your Gate! The presence of the Lord will fill His Temple through you, you over there, you over here, you believers everywhere. Wake up, take hands, and Open Your Gates that we influence our world through the Glory of the Father. Lift Up Your Head, Re-focus, and Release the Kingdom!

An excerpt from book, "Intimacy with God", page 7 by Quycinda Leress.

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