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A Dream for Prayer in the Storm

My heart goes out to all of you who have been effected, are experiencing, or about to endure any effects from the Hurricanes. I’ve been praying for you and everyone in those areas. If this affects you directly, I pray that you are safe, provided for, and without physical harm. I pray for a speedy recovery in every way and for the Lord to heal your heart.

For the rest of us, please donate to those in need in any way you can. If you donate online, please make sure that it’s a reputable organization as there are many scams out there. We should all be in this together. It’s times like this where God’s love, mercy, and strength is needed most. Be a light and a hug.

My heart has been with the victims regarding the impact of what they are going through. I’ve been in prayer about it for many days. But I forgot that God had put the upcoming storm, Hurricane Irma, before me 10+ years ago! The Holy Spirit brought this to my attention today. I want to share with you what happened.

This morning, I am watching the news and keeping up with what’s going on with the storm. I’m watching the Governor of Florida talk about the evacuation that’s going on and what people need to do to stay safe. He starts speaking about Monroe County, which is the county where Key West is located. (I learned this today) The Holy Spirit says, “Remember Monroe County?” And I say, “Oh my goodness. Yes, I do.”

I go looking for one of my dream journals to refresh myself on what the Lord told me about Monroe County. I open the book and find what I dreamt back in late 2006. Yes, my journals go way back to my teenage years and I'm no youngster. lol

Here’s a summary of the dream:

I was driving down this road and for some reason I stopped. A former female coworker (let’s call her Ann) pulls up in her Jeep. A male coworker (let’s call him Jim) was on the same road. For some reason, the Ann said that we could ride with her. Jim jumped into the back seat. Ann moved over motioning me to drive her jeep. So, I jumped into the driver’s seat. I begin to drive and came across a big tree blocking the road. There wasn’t much for me to do. I could crash into the tree or veer to the left pinning the car between the left side of the road and tree itself. I veered left. I freaked out because I was driving Ann's car but she was okay with it because of the circumstance. We all got out the jeep. We looked to the right side of the road, the place where I could have driven, and there was nothing but water. We were all thinking how we could have been in that river had I went right. At that point, we started trying to figure a way out of where we were.

Ann had this long thick tree branch, somehow making it down near the water. I was helping her with the branch. We were going to use the branch to move the tree off the road. Jim stood back watching. All of a sudden, gushes of water begin running down the road coming each way. We somehow found our way by walking away from the road but into a few feet of water. As we walked, we came upon a small town of people. The water was everywhere. The place was like an amusement park that had a big water park. There were water slides that all these people were on and taking turns sliding down. We came upon a beach with a huge ocean with all these ancient ships that look like shrimp boats, looking like huge sailboats. Huge waves were coming in. Water continued to pour into the town. People loved this town filled with water (in normal terms). People were looking at the water with their shorts on, even though it was up to their knees. As we walked through the back of the town, which reminded me also of Peddler’s Village, in Bucks County, PA, we saw ships ahead of us and a sign that read ‘Monroe County’.

After having this dream, I knew there would be a flood somewhere and considered those who would endure it. However, I thought it would be in Monroe County, Pennsylvania because it was close to where I lived. Peddler’s Village is also close but it’s not in Monroe County. Looking back now, it’s clear that all the scenery description in the dream had to do with Key West. The Lord was showing me Key West being effected one day by this Hurricane.

But here’s what you can learn from this:

  1. Always keep a prayer journal and a dream journal. You should track God’s goodness, message and His presence. Remember all the times God spoke to you.

  2. You never know what God will have you pray for, just pray over your prayers and dreams. You don’t have to understand them right away. God looks into the future and call on His warriors to pray.

  3. Prophetic words or dreams may not come to pass for years. Be patient. Be really patient.

I believe the branch represents Jesus in this dream. It is Him that will hold back the devastation of what could be. There still will be a storm but God has prepared for it long before to reduce the damage of what could be done. Even in the midst of a storm, we still have to trust Him. But when you can see Him working, your faith is increased and He gets the glory! I pray you look for Him, seek Him, and sup with Him! It will make a difference to your life and your world! You never know how God may be depending on you and how others may benefit from it. Servant-hood is good! Amen?!

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