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Show His True Colors

Don’t lose your color”.

You know that feeling when you start something new or when God did something great in your life that was extraordinary? It’s a moment in your life where you feel fully alive. You feel purpose. You feel newness. You feel exuberant. But then something happens. That which was new seems to get old and doesn’t affect you the same way. It could be a new job, a new marriage, a new home, or any new thing. It could be a new turning point in your relationship with God.

But when that newness seems old, it fades away as if it were almost forgotten. What changed? We tend to get excited, as we should, about new things. God is always doing a new thing, which is Awesome! However, in prayer, the Holy Spirit was sharing with me how easily we give up on things He put in our hearts. Just because something is no longer new to you, it doesn’t mean that you should approach it in the same old way.

You should approach things that are dear to you like new every day. When you don’t, you fail to see God’s value in all things. We tend to have a ‘throw away’ attitude about things that we no longer feel emotionally connected to. There’s a reason that we lose the emotional connection and it’s not because of God. It’s because of us. We lose interest, especially if things aren’t going the way we’d like when we’d like. This is especially true in our relationship with God but the Holy Spirit was speaking to me more about the endeavors that God places in us. For instance, the Lord told you to go back to school. You went back to school. You were so excited about this new endeavor that God put in you but a year or so later, you don’t feel excited anymore because of the work and you stop going.

Another example may be, the Lord put a business idea in your heart. You wrote down your ideas. You created a business plan. You may have even networked with others who could put you closer to the reality of the business. However, once you’ve done the startup work, suddenly you put on the breaks and your business sits forever.

This is a real problem with God’s people. We’re good with concepts, ideas, and dreams but when it comes time to birth, we abort. Have you ever done this? This reminds me of that vision I had about the babies in the baskets.

The Holy Spirit says that we fail to see God’s value in our dreams and promises. We fail to believe in something greater than ourselves. And with that, you lose your color. He says you must find God’s value by always being aware of why what you’re doing ‘is valuable’. Things do not have to get old. You must bring His color to every moment of what you’re called to do. For instance, if I had to answer the question of why what I do is valuable, my answer would be because what I do empowers women to take charge of their own lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially so they can be free. So, every time that I work with a client, I have to have this New fervor in my heart. Otherwise, I would let my business get old and it will be forgotten.

When I was going to college, I specifically remember a professor for one great thing he did for me. He gave my class writing assignments to do and he loved the way I wrote. He asked about other writings I had and I told him that I threw some away because I thought others wouldn’t like it. He was shocked and annoyed at the same time. He told me don’t ever throw my writing or ideas away; that they were all valuable and would provide value to whom it supposed to. I never forgot that.

When you start finding yourself thinking things like ‘nobody cares anyway’ or ‘no one will like this’ or ‘I’m losing interest’ and ‘I’m wasting my time’, these are sure signs that you are letting go of your color, your New, and God’s value in your endeavor/relationship.

This is also true when it comes to God. You remember that time that God set you on fire and think well where did it go? At some point, you let go of your color, your new, and God’s value in you. But it’s still there. You just must remember the fire and reignite your color. Here are some ways to maintain glory in your life:

Stay Colorful by:

  • Find the value. Rediscover Your Why. Why did you start that project or endeavor? Why did you choose this situation? Find your passionate reason and then live for it again.

  • Remember the emotion. Remember how it made you feel the very first time. Just like pouring gas into a car, gas up every time with this feeling of ‘new’ and keep going.

  • Everything that God plants in you that’s good has value no matter what anyone else says or does. Never throw it away or treat it like it’s disposable. It’s all worth something. It belongs to God and is His treasure.

It is always God’s will that you carry His glory in some form or fashion. Don’t let the fire go out because of how you feel, what you've been through, or what others say. Always look to God’s Glorious Value in all the good things in Life! Jesus is the best reason ever. He’s put an investment in you and is looking for the greatest value out of His best gift! Go color the World!

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