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Believe No Limits!

The Lord has been talking to me about Limiting Beliefs. A limiting belief is any belief that limits progress in your life. There are beliefs that keep you bound in certain scenarios and ways of living. Most beliefs you have come from your parents and family line. You are raised to believe certain things about life and your own destiny. How you're raised, educated, and experience life will create a default narrative/story in which your character is the star of the story.

Many of us don’t consider that we even live our own story. We are born and accept what we’re born into. It doesn’t occur to you until many years later that you can change your story and create a new one. By that time, you’ve been pretty much programmed with the beliefs you have. But even when you consider working on yourself to change, it seems like a daunting and hard task. It seems easier to work with what you got. Yet, I’ve learned you can’t work with what you got to change. More of the same, remains the same. You must work with something new. So, you wait for change to come to you rather than throw yourself into change.

I get it. Life is so full of ‘to dos’ it seems. Life will have you striving for everything. Adding change can seem like another task. However, you may not realize that change will provide a better to do list when you start with you, creating a list that’s full of prosperity. I've learned that your very first 'to do' list should be you.

So in prayer, it’s becoming a very common theme that God is calling for His children to be free from limitations that have been set up for them. He wants you to walk in your own purpose, truth, and prosperity.

Here is exactly what He keeps telling me to tell you:

Separate Yourself and Walk in your own Truth:

God is calling for you to be a leader and not a follower. He wants you to establish your own personal relationship with Him. He wants you to learn and grow; to walk in your own specific calling to help others. He wants you to embrace your own truth. This can only come about in a closer walk with Him and accepting His honest and authentic truth about why you’re here, what your purpose is, what you are being called to stand for or against, and accepting who you really are.

To do this, you must separate yourself from the identity of your friends, family, coworkers, and church members. Your identity has to be in Christ.

Be courageous and take risks:

God is calling for you to face your fears and doubts. He wants you to take risks. He needs you to be courageous and not afraid. He needs you to be able to stand for things on His behalf without winching. When you hang on limiting beliefs, it can create fears and doubts. To move through them, you must leave your comfort zone and get adventurous in the things of God.

Release thinking that has limited your soul and physical life:

God needs you to believe that you are worthy. If you believe you’re worthy, you will live a worthy life. If you believe you have no worth, you will choose a life that provides no worth to you. You will settle and set yourself up for a victimized life. Your worth begins in the soul. That’s why Christ saved your soul so that you could be free. Being free means that you are no longer under condemnation. You are not to live a life in condemnation in your mind, the way you live, and how you see life overall.

If you come from a family whose beliefs are that poverty is virtue, you will live in poverty. If you come from a family whose beliefs are that poverty isn’t how Kingdom citizens should live, you will work to avoid an impoverished lifestyle.

Here’s a good example. At one time in my life, I was asking God for a house. The house I was asking for at the time seemed like a huge deal, like it was something that I wasn’t truly worthy of. Yet the Lord spoke to me and said, “Come off the ground. Take another look from the Sky view.” In prayer, I begin to envision myself looking at the house from the sky and God said, “this is how I see it.” In other words, from the ground, it was bigger than me but from the sky the house became smaller and smaller the higher I got. At that point, I begin thinking, “well maybe the house is too small for me”. :)

That was a big lesson for me about how my thinking created my reality. Why is this so important? God doesn’t just want that special relationship with you. He wants the relationship with you to change the world. If you limit yourself how can you be a World Changer? I read before how Bill Gates saved 6 million lives. He has done that with his wealth. He’s a world changer. If you think this is about money, you’re not paying attention. It’s about Prosperity, which is God’s Life Given presence in the world.

God doesn’t just want church buildings in the earth, He wants World Changers. You are the church! A church without walls! He didn’t give you gifts for no reason at all. When you limit your thinking, you limit your contribution to mankind, and you limit God’s Kingdom!

Release the negative thoughts about your own God-given capacities and rise to the calling! Push yourself beyond what you believe your limits to be.

Have a greater Vision:

Teach yourself to dream bigger! If you can see it in your mind’s eye, it can be done. You are the artist. What you put on canvas will become true. Meditate and visualize on those things that you want from God. See yourself as you want and where you want to be. See yourself in your greatest capacity in God’s Kingdom. Write down your ideas and feed your creative juices and God will begin to meet you in your dreams.

You were born to create. You were born to make a life worth living. You were born to change the world in some way, form, or fashion. You are made of the Creator, The Creative. You are more than a receiver of light, you are a giver of light. You are a changer, you make things change!

I pray that you get the motivation and courage to free your mind, in Jesus Name to believe that God’s Life Force supports you with wealth and prosperity in all ways; that you first change yourself so that you can be His life force in the world to make a greater change for others.

I pray that you will allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in a change of the mind and heart accepting the gift of Life to be influenced in a greater way. I pray that you will not be afraid and become the voice of God in what you think, say, and do. May you prosper in Him to prosper others! In Jesus Name, Amen.

Imagine if there were someone to tell God, before the creation of the world, that He shouldn’t create His masterpiece of skies, mountains, oceans, beautiful creatures, and His most precious man and woman because it wasn’t worth it? Imagine that He listened?

Don’t listen. Create!

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