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Have you ever called a psychic?

I want to share with you some wisdom from God in why I created my Spirit Beautiful program. If you haven’t had a call with me or read about the program, the Spirit Beautiful program is a spiritual self-development program that builds on your personal, spiritual, emotional, and mindset in the foundation of prayer and supernatural relationship with God that will lead you to a life of prosperity.

I shared with you previously my testimony about engaging in psychic activity for some time until God delivered me. Hallelujah! I'm always thankful for it because it's bonded God and I in a special way. Well today, I want to discuss with you a deeper issue regarding what I learned while doing so. You know all is never lost when you have a testimony. God gets a lot of good out of you when it happens. :)

Most calls to psychics are calls from women. The reason for the calls vary. Here are some reasons they felt the need to call.

  • Fear, anxiety, and worry

  • Desire for someone to listen to them without judgement

  • Looking for someone who could give them hope

  • Looking for someone who could make them feel better and believe in life again

As stated, I can reduce many of these calls down to fear, anxiety, and worry about one’s future. Here are some examples of what people were concerned about:

  1. Relationships

  2. When am I getting married?

  3. Is the guy I’m with going to be my husband? When will I meet my husband?

  4. Is the guy I’m with cheating on me?

  5. Career

  6. When will I find a job?

  7. I had an interview, will they hire me?

  8. Money

  9. My utility is about to get cut off, do you see me getting money to pay it?

  10. When will I make more money?

  11. What kind of work do you see me doing in the future to get the most money?

Some people called for real serious issues, such as the health of a loved one. I’m sure you see what I’m getting at. These are all built on fear, anxiety, and worry. These are fair concerns that most of us have every single day. This is how psychics make their money. They depend on your fear. However, the results of the call is a temporary fix. It doesn’t go to the root of issues. It stays on the surface. The temporary fix feels encouraging and good but it doesn’t change the person calling.

Problem with going to psychics? They wanted the answer without the ANSWER. They wanted access to spiritual gifts without the GIFTER. They wanted something without giving or changing anything!

That’s what God showed me in the lessons I learned. It wasn’t just about me doing something that God is against but it was about you too; God’s people. How so? It was about me seeing the heart of mankind and Christian's alike. It was about me helping God's children change their spirit-man that create a relationship with God that makes Him the ANSWER to their future. It was to create an environment where people didn't have to go to psychics but would go to God with their issues and get a response from God directly; growing to depend on him supernaturally.

We all can tend to treat life like the fast food lane at McDonald’s. We want fast answers and quick fixes. But fast answers and quick fixes don’t last long and don’t promote longevity; long life.

I felt for these women. I wanted to give them more, not just an answer. I desired to give them the gift of Jesus. Not the idea of Jesus but Jesus Himself. His presence! I wanted to give them what I got when the Lord delivered me. Like Jesus said, “I wanted to give them living water.” With living water, they would have everything to nourish themselves along with the bread of life.

What did I do? I began with me. After deliverance, I went deep inside with my relationship with God and found me. I did a lot of self-reflection, soul-searching, self-evaluation, and spiritual assessing, with an overflowing cup of prayer as my foundation. God changed my life! I then took my change and created the Spirit Beautiful program to help change the lives of many.

We as WOG have what the world is looking for. We are already positioned for a great life and other greater things! We have the ANSWER Himself. We have the GIFTER of Spiritual Gifts. In God’s presence, the answers are already there. The supernatural is already there! Yes, we must live a life of constant growth being guided by the Holy Spirit but that’s the best part. Do you know how fulfilling it is to have God’s presence in your life verses making a phone call to someone else who isn’t even under the right Spirit? You, as a COG, only need Jesus! Trust me.

Are you worried about something? Is anything keeping you up at night? Wearing you out mentally? Worried about your future? Always start with Jesus. Grow within to walk deeper in the Spirit! God wants your participation in the abundance and prosperity of your life! He doesn't just want to answer your questions.

A relationship with God is so rewarding and refreshing if you go in yourself and commit to going deep like drenching yourself into the awe of Christ. I find that people want change in their life but they don’t want to change or the CHANGER. They'd just rather dream. This is what those women wanted that called the psychic line. Change begets change. Change cannot happen without you taking the first step. I find that COG still have their questions, fears, and worries. Yet, they are won over by the status quo of their lives. They want more but are won over by their life’s default which goes against anything that takes them out of their comfort zone and familiar lifestyle. They are won over by hopelessness, discouragement, disbelief, and/or lack of vision.

Had I not changed, I’d still have ways about me that weren’t fruitful. There are some things God showed me that wasn’t right. There were ways about me that would have stood in the way of me growing into abundance. I understand that you have challenges, worries, pains, and all the discouraging things that life can bring you but if you don’t do any self-evolving, your situation may not evolve either. You may find yourself on the hamster wheel of life; going through the same thing, doing the same thing, thinking the same way, meeting the same people, making the same type of money or not.

I have a secret for you. Ready for it? Here it is:

You can control most of your life. What you decide to do and actually do every day will determine your future. If you start with you, God’s Promise will reward you! It’s simple as that. It really is!

Question is… What do you really want?

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