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Work through your struggle but prepare for your Victory!

Don't be discouraged!

The Lord told me to tell you to "Work through your struggle but prepare for your Victory". I know you've prayed for things to turn around. You've been doing all that's in your own control but there are things that only God can work out for you. Let him work and when it looks like what you've been praying for is heading in the opposite direction praise God even louder. Let the enemy hear your voice. Remind him of who you are and whom you belong. Use your voice as a weapon to tear down his walls. You see the enemy is watching waiting for the sky to fall upon you but it's what He doesn't see. While he's waiting, God has a power play because Gods glory is at stake. The more it shakes up the more glory shines in your testimony.

Meanwhile you must hold on; hold on to the hem of the Spirit's garment. This is your chance to show real faith; an unstoppable faith; an unshaken stance preparing for what Gods going to do for you.

When a situation seems out of your control the Lord single-handedly works on your behalf based on your prayers. Your prayers are your secret weapon. The Lord and His angels go to work for you in such a magnificent way.

  1. You’re provided a spiritual warfare team.

  2. Heavenly assignments are given.

  3. God’s power is disbursed against darkness.

  4. The Spirit moves things in their rightful place according to your prayers & destiny.


All of this is happening because you prayed and prayed hard. God will meet your desires on the goodness, passion, desires of your heart and His Promise.

The other thing that God wants you to know today is that though you struggle, don’t willingly accept hard times. Use your weapon, your voice and your prayers. Struggles are a part of the balance of life that teaches you to live in Victory. Yet, many don’t live in Victory. They live in the struggle and so much so that it de-emphasizes the good available to them. Don’t let struggles seemingly take your victory. You can’t have Victory without the struggle. But Victory should be your focus; not the struggle itself. With the struggle you may be in currently or soon to come, ask yourself, “where is my Victory”? Look for your Victory, expect it to come, and accentuate that in your prayers. Don’t embrace the struggle. Embrace the Victory that will come with it. Speak to the Answer! Speak to the Breakthrough!

Next, don’t get stuck in your struggle mentally. Ignite ABMP! Always be moving in prayer! Don’t let your struggle become your mental default. In other words, your struggle is one thing but your mental/mindset should be above your struggle. You may tend to let your struggle speak for your tomorrow by saying things like, “I’ll never get where I want to be”. But that type of thinking and speaking will keep you bound in every struggle you have. Untrain yourself from embracing your struggle as the truth of your future.

What might be happening currently and the status of your life right now shouldn’t speak for the status of your life tomorrow. Raise your mindset to the level of faith that God requires.

Lastly, when you struggle, you may have those who say, “well, at least you have….”. But for you, let it be that what you have right now might be good enough today but not for your tomorrow. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself, asking for it, expecting it, and getting it. You are only as limited as you THINK you are. The Lord told you to ask and you are deserving because Christ said you are. You are not your parents and you are not your parent’s parents. You can start a new generation with a new story of prosperity with changing how you pray and think!

Don’t get stuck in your fights. Stop thinking small and think Godly (as HUGE as God is). Rebuke the lies of the enemy telling you for way too long that God doesn’t have or want more for you. You've had enough! Even sinners live Big & Wide! Why shouldn’t you?

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