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You're about to have a God-Encounter!

Last week, my oldest son, who lives in California, came to visit me along with a friend of his. It was a full week of great and memorable moments that I was so thankful for. My kids bring a larger sense of life and love when they are around and I enjoy time with them. It was also the week of my birthday, my younger son's birthday, and my husband's birthday, lol. Yes, May is brutal to the pockets with birthdays but we all celebrated together. Anyhow, for my oldest son's trip, I was able to pick him and his friend up from the airport and take them back to the airport when the time came. The airport is roughly an hour from my home.

The morning that I needed to take them back to the airport for his departure, I had driven about 5 minutes from the house, when I asked my son if he had his wallet. He began to rummage through his bags looking. At this moment, I pulled over on the side of the road. He continued to look and couldn’t find it. He then called my younger son back at the house asking if his wallet on the TV stand. And yep, it was there. So, I turned the car around to go back to the house to get his wallet. We were all so thankful that we avoided a big mess. It could have been disastrous. Imagine leaving the wallet, getting to the airport with no ID, and can’t get on the plane. He would then need to pay money to change his flight. I would have had to go back to the airport to get him if the flight wasn’t for the same day or I would have had to drive an hour back home, another hour back to the airport to give him his wallet, and another other back home.

Why is this such a big deal? Reading this story, you may think it’s about avoiding an incident that would have caused a big inconvenience and much frustration. Now, on the surface it is but there is something deeper here. You see, my oldest son is very responsible. It’s not like I asked him about his wallet because he’s irresponsible or he forgets things all the time. But here’s what really happen that no one saw behind the scenes. As we were driving God showed me my son walking through TSA and reaching for his wallet and without a thought I asked the question, “Do you have your wallet?”. It was like the Holy Spirit on the tip of my tongue. God took me and spoke through me. It felt like I wasn’t even speaking through my own intellect.

Why should you care? In my work with God’s beautiful women, I constantly enforce Intimacy with God, connecting with Him and noticing when He is connecting with you. Many look for God to come with drums, symbols, flutes, and a big orchestra but in fact, God is mostly a whisper. If you don’t pay attention, you will miss God moving in your daily life. I promote writing down all the subtle and not so subtle encounters with God. Do not shrug them off. The more you pray, the more you pay attention, the more you will see, and the more expectation you will have that He will move in your life.

For this reason, I keep a prayer journal. When I pray, God may speak to me through a whisper, a scripture, or things I just pick up spiritually and I write it down. I’m in awe when I look back and what He said, things that happen, and how He spoke into my life. When you start doing this, you will look forward to praying and for God’s presence in your life. Many of what I write in these e-blogs come from my time in prayer. It is God speaking to me to speak to you. It is God’s Wisdom from which His River in me flows. It is in my emails, supernatural blog, teaching, mentoring, and counseling. In other words, it is my relationship with the Holy Spirit that people see and not just me. This is what God wants for you. This is what I want for you. It is why the Holy Spirit chases after you constantly. God wants an encounter with you! All the time!

When was the last time you had a God-Encounter? Don’t you want more? What are you willing to do? I need you to push through. Push through the barriers you’ve created for yourself. Push through the barriers others have created for you. Push through your excuses and your fears. Push through your non-belief. Push through your unworthiness and unfruitful thinking. PUSH THROUGH!

I want you to go out and get a journal just for your prayer life. I want you to start praying at least 30 minutes a day for five days. Write down what your spirit gets in connecting with The Lord. After a month, look back and what He said. I bet there will be some surprises for you!

The Lord says, “My Words are not lofty. They aren’t for show. They are to move you to your place of power in Me. They are to change your heart and your mind so that you do not believe the adversary. The adversary is against all that I AM. He does not want you Free! But I will not stop fighting for you. For you are Mine. I gave life for you that you may be Free. I will not stop loving over you but pulling you toward my bosom. I will not stop praying over you. My warriors pull for you. You are worth more than gold and rubies don’t compete. My Love shall penetrate your being and transform your spirit that nothing or no one will turn you from your destiny because your destiny is Me.”

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