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You might have a gossiper! Here's how to know...

You might have a gossiper! Have you ever met someone who loves to talk and loves to talk about other people? This person could be your friend, a family member, an associate, or even a coworker. They can’t wait to tell you the latest and there is always something wrong with something or somebody. This person is possibly very funny, lively, and personable. You might even enjoy their company at first. They know that they are entertainers. Yet, their entertainment is at the expense of the lives of others. They’re always in your ear about someone else, talking about their situation, what they would do, and how they tried to help them and show them better.

At first, you may find them a bit comical. But their gossiping begins to feel like an interruption, especially due to the irony that this person needs to work on themselves obviously. The energy of their presence feels dark like they’re chained to a dark cloud. The tongue in your ear is like a snake creeping into your head. You can feel their presence coming knowing they have something to say about someone. You sigh because it’s getting old. You may have even told them they need to stop talking about people but they laughed it off. Your pleasant with them but begin to remove yourself when they’re around.

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you relate? Do you know anyone like this? Whether you do or you don’t, you may have a gossiper. There’s another spirit I want to talk to you about that does the same thing. That is the Spirit of Your Past.

Have you ever caught yourself dreading on the past, continually reminding yourself about things that happen to you, things you did, and things people have done to you? Even though you know God has forgiven you, you can’t seem to move on. The guilt, the shame, or the pain is still with you. The memories may bring about anger, self-pity, and/or a varying of different emotions. You begin to feel sorry for yourself and like a victim all over again.

Working through the pain of your past is a must do. However, if so much time has gone by and you’re still stuck in the yesterdays of what was then you haven’t completely worked through it. When you let your past work productively towards your future, you’re on the right track. However, if you’re stuck where you can’t seem to move forward, that’s a big No No.

What is it about this spirit that wants to keep reminding you of your past? What does it get out of you being stuck? If you do nothing about it, it will bind you up. It prevents you from moving forward. It will take your life by taking your future. It will tell you lies about yourself, that you’re not good enough, you’ll never have anything, you aren’t worth anything, your life is last to everyone else’s life, you’re dumb, you're a mess, you're crazy, you're inadequate, and so on… It will cause you to feel less valuable about who you are and what type of life you can have.

This spirit will also stop you from being more and wanting more. It will make you accept a life that’s less than what God has for you. It will convince you that less is better because at least you have something. You will accept anything and accept anyone that makes you feel loved even if it’s not true love. You will talk yourself out of personal self-development, transforming, or trying anything new. You will send your best ideas to the trash and have your creativity to die.

God doesn’t hold on to your past because He knows that the past carries death. God is a God of Life. He is a life-giver! He believes in the multiplication of life and sent His son that He may give you even more life. When you go through pain, He restores you, He refreshes you, and renews you. The past is death. And it wants to snatch your future. The enemy knows that your life is a testament to what God can do. If your life look like God doesn't care about you, the enemy knows that God may not get the glory. The closer to the spiritual grave you are, the better. So, he talks to you and make you feel bad about your past. He whispers pain and disappointments in your ear repeatedly so that it can keep your attention in the dark.

Well, just like you get tired of that woman talking to you about the bad, misfortunes, or her opinions about the lives of others, you need to get tired of your gossiper. Whether your gossiper is in the form of a real person continuing to remind you of your past, the enemy in your head, or your own thoughts that seem to harass you, you must remove yourself. When you feel the dark presence forming it’s ugly head, creeping in your ear again, tell yourself it’s gotten old. Know that it’s not God and that you need not to give it any attention. Know that God has moved on and you’re moving on with Him in the force of LOVE. Love provides healing, acceptance, validation, and overall forgiveness. Love provides the energy force of LIFE. Life is that force has you moving toward the fruits of the spirit.

Moving on with God means allowing yourself to open to God’s love freely, without guilt, bitterness, anger, shame, self-pity, or any self-affliction from your past. It means letting love heal you and only use your past to fuel your future. If it is not of the fruits of the spirit, it’s not God. God encourages, uplifts, is kind and gentle to you, and fills you with love and joy. He directs you toward the future by working with you in the NOW. You must grab on to perceiving God’s concept of Life through the lens of your mind and demand the enemy to know that you will no longer hold on to the perception of death and a life of limitation.

If you're looking to work on your pain and your past, schedule a call to join me in my Spirit Beautiful program. Get rid of your gossiper!

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