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Believe! Walk in the Presence! Part II

Thomas wouldn’t believe that Christ resurrected until he saw Jesus for himself, being able to see and touch His wounds. After touching Jesus’ wounds, the Lord told Thomas don’t be faithless but to believe. To believe without seeing Christ would bring about blessings.

Jesus doesn’t want us to be like the world “asking for signs”. When I speak of 'signs' I’m not talking about ‘spiritual gifts’. I don’t want you to be confused by that. Jesus was upset with the religious teachers because they were asking for signs. But why were they asking for signs? Because they wanted Jesus to prove to them that He was the truth! Why? Because they didn't 'believe'. They wanted Christ to prove Who He was and what He was capable of.

As children of God, the word says we can ask for His gifts. However, once we ask, we must walk in BELIEF. The Lord was telling me “To believe in His presence is to believe in His gifts”. His presence is the gift and we shouldn’t question it but walk in it.

How many times do we ask for the gifts, not just to have the gifts but truly questioning His presence in your life? The Lord says, “Don’t be like the world asking for signs to cater to your unbelief” That’s deep right there. How can you walk in your gifts supernaturally and powerfully if you suffer from unbelief in His presence? Deal with your unbelief. That’s the true core issue. It’s not about God’s Power. It’s about Unbelief. Thomas didn't believe nor did the religious teachers. They wanted proof of His presence.

I think we feel better when the responsibility doesn’t seem to be our own. But we as children of God have to be accountable. So, if your problem is your unbelief, you must confront it.

To believe is to accept something as true. It will come a time in your life where you have to be a commander of spiritual things, walking in authority verses a beggar, a crier, and a victim. You must walk in “I believe” verses “I think”. To believe is to walk in the Spirit of ‘I KNOW’ verses the spirit of “I HOPE”.

I was begging for God's presence! God was telling me to grow up and walk in His presence! Walk in the Gifts. Command spiritual things and stop asking over and over again for what I already had. His presence is always manifesting in various ways. Always!

You Must:

  1. Accept as True that He can

  2. Accept as True that He will

  3. Accept as True that You can

  4. Accept as True that You will


How can you strengthen your belief?

  1. Pray and Read! Get Intimate with God to strengthen your trust in Him.

  2. Carry yourself with God’s Authority

  3. Don’t question God’s Presence with you. Just Know it is!

  4. Repetitive Victories:

  5. Write it down. Plan your victories.

  6. Speak it into existence.

  7. Move forward as if it’s already done.

  8. Cross each victory off your list as they come to past.

  9. If something went wrong, question you, not God. Learn, grow, start over.

  10. Dreaming is Good!

  11. Imagination and creativity is a tool that creates a reality. Imagination in a healthy mind is healthy. God is divine. See divinely.​​​​​​​

  12. Visualize and Meditate.

  13. Don’t test God’s presence.

  14. Test your belief.

  15. Test your gifts.

  16. Strengthen your spiritual man.


The lack of Belief is a crutch. Throw your crutch away. It limits you. It gives you a reason to keep making excuses. It keeps you stuck to never make a move, change, or do anything breath taking. There’s so much to learn supernaturally. Let this be one thing you work on. The Lord is looking for soldiers and not couch warriors. Don't be afraid to experiment and experience. I’m looking forward to seeing you grow. Take command with this one notion... Faith comes first then His Acts, which come through you!

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