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Be the gift and God will set you on FIRE!

In Christianity, many times when you consider ‘gifts’, you might think about spiritual gifts or possibly a monetary gift of some sort. However, in prayer, the Lord revealed that we, as His people, are also a ‘gift’. You are a gift. You may concentrate more on the spiritual gifts within you not realizing that you are a gift in itself. The way He showed me is that Christ is likened to pure gold in Spirit. The more you walk with Him, talk with Him, the more He’s grows within you filling you up with His purity.

Your relationship with Christ increases your spiritual value which benefits your spiritual and physical life. As a citizen of heaven, you are called to offer yourself as a gift to the world and His Kingdom in totality. It’s not just about your unique spiritual gifts and special abilities. It’s about who Christ is in you. When you begin to see yourself as God’s gold in wholeness and fullness, you will understand your role in the world clearly. You will serve others from the treasure you have within. That is the most pure gift. When you’ve reached a point of Christ’s fullness, your spiritual gifts are a byproduct of what you already are.

When you begin to walk in the fullness of Christ, through personal relationship, your unique spiritual gifts are placed on the alter. When they are placed on God’s alter, He anoints them and sets them on fire.

Going to church is good, freeing, and restoring but having that personal relationship with God is absolute FIRE! There’s a wonderful difference. Before I went through my spiritual warfare, church was the place to go to feel spiritually nurtured and to gather with like-spirited people. Yet after my deliverance and anointing from my spiritual warfare, through relationship, church became the place where the fire of God in me couldn’t be contained. But it wasn’t just the church. It was in any spiritual atmosphere that the Holy Spirit had me, which could be anywhere the Holy Spirit decided to move. One of those places was my home. People would come to my house for bible study and end up laid out on the floor from prayer without laying of hands.

When you get into a relationship with God, through Christ, it changes your life. You have a transformation. That transformation allows the Holy Spirit to dwell in your temple and goes wherever you go. Church becomes your support system and doesn’t substitute your relationship with God. You get an awakening!

You can start filling yourself up with Christ right where you are and wherever you go. You have the Holy Spirit. You have God’s Word. You have your faith! God will show you where to go and which leaders to follow. He will help you discern truths from lies. He will tell you where to use your giftings and where to avoid. He will lead your purpose and guide your ministries.

Many look for a Word from God when God is looking for a word from you so He can talk to you. God is always there. He’s always listening and talking. There is never a time when He isn’t talking. His Spirit is like the air you breathe and the wind of a calm breeze. You have to soak your being in all of Him through prayer, reading, meditating, and fasting but you have to set yourself apart. He’s calling you closer.

Even as I write to you today, I know the Holy Spirit is with me. How do I know? I have a relationship with Him. I know that He is never far away. I know if I pray right now, He’ll speak to me. I know that if I have a question in my head, whether I’m praying or not, eventually He will answer me. I know that if something comes up that may be somewhat scary that He’s already taking care of it. How do I know? I have a relationship with Him.

I’m asking you today that if you don’t have a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, please start. He is Your Life Force! Get filled up with the fullness and pure gold of Christ through His Spirit. Get to know Him personally. Leave all the cliché’s at the door, all the sayings, all the traditions, and all the religious things too. Go to your prayer closet and soak. Talk to Him. Be with Him. Share with Him. Love on Him. Let Him love on you.

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