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You already have riches. You just have to turn it into money!

Before President Obama left office, the media was reporting good job numbers representing the growth of jobs during his time in office. I was proud of this fact and proud that more people could provide for their families. When Trump became President, it stood out that though job numbers increased under Obama, there were still a lot of people looking for jobs, especially people where certain job markets faded out such as coal mining jobs.

Finding a job is not easy. Trust me. I know! I’ve also heard from many women who is finding it to be a hard time as well. They are looking for jobs, looking to leave the job they’re at, looking for a career that’s different than where they are, and sometimes taking any job to survive.

Looking for a source of income is no easy feat. Filling out applications, writing and correcting resumes, interviewing, waiting for feedback, and getting rejected gets tiring quickly. Rejection by itself is a total drag! You ever see that Geico commercial where the gecko cries, “I have a flat tire”? That’s how it feels to be rejected. Lol. Yet, you know you have to keep going because the clock keeps ticking toward having to pay for something. I totally get it.

The craziest thing to me is… For most, even with finding and having a job, they're left to feel that something is still missing. After finding a job, you satisfy the requirement of having a source of income but it doesn’t satisfy the soul. If you don’t make enough money, that’s still cause for worry. I hear hearts saying, “will it ever stop?”

We live in a system that requires money for us to survive. Even if we’d rather do without it, we can’t. Just about everything you need to take care of yourself and your family requires you to have money. You are expected to have it. At some point, people are going to ask you for it in order to barter with you for something you need. You can’t even drink water for free. Bummer!

So, while I don’t have all the answers, here’s what I do know:

-Though you may seem to be stuck in looking for work or a job you hate, decide to start putting yourself first. While you’re looking, see the time as a new opportunity to really get what you want and where you want. In God’s view, He’s fully equipped you to live His ultimate life for you. Be very curious. Use the time and seek what that is exactly.

-You are fully equipped with a heavy load of gifts, talents, and skills. Consider your childhood, adult life, school life, spirit life, and all those good things to see what themes keep popping up for you. Take that and run with it!

-Open up to self-development. I was a young mother on welfare. I had my first son at the age of 19. It was the first year I entered college. I didn’t know how I was going to make it with a baby. I took advantage of the government assistance that I could get at that time; help with daycare, books, food, etc. But I knew that was only temporary for me. I made a decision that having a child was not going to stop me from developing myself. Open yourself up to training, learning new skills that will help carry your future.

-With little money, start a business. I’ve seen people with determination take 1 dollar and turn it into 2 dollars, turning it into thousands. Get a partner. Share with someone who has the same passion and ideas that you have. I see this happen all the time; people working together to build something great.

-Put your best foot forward! Be excellent in the way you approach looking for a job; starting a business; caring for yourself and so on. When you have an excellent and positive approach to life, your energy can be felt. Put love into everything you do and it will draw back a whirlwind for you. Instead of complaining, love. See what happens next.

-Change your money mindset. If you think money is evil, why would it come to you? Scripture says that it's the love of money that's the root of all evil. Stop feeling guilty for needing, wanting, or having money. The more you have, the better you live. We should all have enough so that when emergencies happen, we don’t have to worry about money or when you want to spend a special time with family, money isn’t an issue. Trust yourself that you won’t put money before God and then have fun making it. Put God first and He will add to all your needs. But you must show faith by ‘DOING’. God does expect you produce! So produce! See money as the bartering system that it is. You need it to barter with. That's it. If money is what the world wants, find many ways to give it to them so you can have much to barter with.

-And finally, get in alignment with God. That means if you let the heat and energy of love lead you at every moment, you cannot go wrong. You must be close to God at every moment. Let the passion in your heart be totally for Him and you will be amazed at the small miracles that begin to take place guiding you to a prosperous life in all things. God is Love and Love is God! Follow Love! When in alignment with God, Purpose is driven by instinct and love.

At the end of the day, it’s all on you; whether it’s a job, a business, a ministry etc. Shouldn’t you have more say and input into how you want to provide for you and your family? This is YOUR life. The Lord says that you are equipped! You don’t have to follow systems already set up for you. You are more than that! So much more! You can satisfy your requirements for provision while satisfying the soul. Think about it.

I’m looking for women who are ready to walk in Purpose. I left a six-figure job to walk in my purpose. While many were looking for jobs and wondering if I had lost my mind, I was ecstatic! I looked forward to risking it all to follow God’s heart within me. I'm not saying it was easy but it’s one of the best decisions ever made!!! When I made this decision, all of a sudden God lined the stars up for me. He can do the same for you! Trust Him!

You are only limited by your mind. You determine your own limits. Don’t blame it on God. While you are waiting on God, He’s waiting on you to show your faith by what you do. He loves you and wants the best for you. What you have right now, is good enough to be Queen of your destiny!

In the times coming ahead, the world is starving for you. It’s thirsty for you! Darkness gives way to God’s light! That’s you! Is it your time?!

If you’re one of those bold soldiers, join me in our Purpose to Prosperity program.

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