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Faith is Never Forgetting

The Lord was with the disciples everyday before His Crucifixion. He taught them and raised them up spiritually. He gave them wisdom and told them the secrets of the Kingdom. He let them into things no one else knew but Christ. They trusted Him. Their faith grew and they dedicated and committed their lives to Him.

Once Christ died and resurrected, He showed Himself to them and they didn't know who He was. In fact, they were grieving His loss. They forgot about things He told them that would happen. You would think after all the wisdom, secrets, teaching, and grooming He did and telling them boldly what would happen with Him, they'd know Him when they see Him and they'd be waiting for Him to be risen with excitement, but no. Their human nature gave back into frailty, unbelief, and status quo. This bothered Christ so much so that He rebuked them when He saw them again.

Where are you in your faith? The Lord has taught you, raised you up in the Spirit, blessed you over and over again, gave you secrets to His Kingdom, and told you how to get Victory. How soon do you forget? How soon do you revert back to status quo of not believing because He's not moving fast enough or to the way you think He should move. Why does Christ have to keep proving Himself in order for you to believe? Hasn't He done enough? Given you enough? Taught you enough? Why isn't it enough? How many times does He have to die and resurrect in your life? Show you signs and wonders? Give you break-through's in order for you to get a blast of Faith?

As a child of God, you are Faith. Don't let your human frailty dictate how you believe. Christ shouldn't have to babysit anyone to keep believing. The Lord is calling you to be baptized with the Spirit of Remembrance in the Name of Jesus because you keep forgetting every time an obstacle or problem occur, you revert back to non-belief. I baptize you into the Spirit of Remembrance because if you NEVER FORGET, you won't have a problem with Faith!

The Lord says it was just 'Yesterday' I was with the disciples. It was just 'Yesterday' that I was with you. You know how people say, "it seems like it was just "Yesterday" that we did this or since that happened? They remember it CLEARLY. They remember the feelings, emotions, and the special-ness or uniqueness of that moment and it's always with them.

The Lord said remember what He's done in His resurrection, in Your Life, like it was just 'Yesterday" EVERY DAY. There is power in Your Remembrance of ME says the Lord! Remember what I've done in the years of Yesterdays that I've delivered you and shown you my power. I rebuke your frailty and bring it under the conviction of My Spirit! Let Him Convict You into Everyday Faith & Glory!


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