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Dream to Pray, Pray to Dream

I had a dream that was truly awesome. In the dream, I saw myself praying. I was warring in the Spirit and praying in tongues. In this prayer, I was praying for someone I didn’t know. God begin to show me this guy. He looked to be in his early to mid-twenties. At first, God showed him to me having two long deep scars down each side of his face. Then he quickly flashed my prayer in front of me. Then he showed me the guy again but this time, the guy’s face was normal and healed.

I saw him open his front door for his friend. The friend walked into the guy’s house and couldn’t believe how quick the guy’s face had healed. It was as if it was healed overnight. The guy himself didn’t seem to realize how bad his scars were because he couldn’t understand why his friend was so shocked at his quick healing.

God will have us pray for people that we don’t even know. That’s why it’s important to pray because God will lead us to help someone else. God may have someone praying for you. The guy in the dream was a great example of those who don’t realize that God is looking after them even when they don’t know it.

This guy had deep scars. These scars could have been emotional, mental, physical, or some sort of combination of all. I don’t believe that the Lord showed me this to teach me but to let me know that this person is real and because I prayed for him, God healed him.

Please remember to pray for others because someone is praying for you!

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