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Don't Squander Your Treasure! It grieves the Spirit!

What would you do if you woke up today to an inheritance? Many of us like to dream and imagine what it would be like to win the lottery. Some of us have even written lists of things to do and buy if that big day just happens to fall upon us. What's on your list? What would you do with your inheritance? Would you make wise choices? Would you waste it all on things that put no real value in your life? Would you make the one proud who trusted you with their wealth? How would you manage your treasure? Would you make every bit of wealth count? What would it be like and feel like if you took your treasure and gift, wasted and lost it all on things that didn't add any value to your life or the life of anyone else? Do you know that every time you make a choice against your unique giftings, you beat at your own value? Your self worth depletes. Would you believe me if I told you that there are a bunch of people who are wealthy with treasures and gifts who are wasting it away, investing it in things that will not bring value back to them; many you know, including you? The Lord has laid treasures and gifts within your heart unlike anyone else. You have squandered them. You have decreased its value by making other things that doesn't add to life, more valuable. Day in and day out, your treasure depletes in value because all of your heart and energy goes into something else. Many spirits are depleting because you have not shared your gifts. Wake up to your value, your gifts, your treasure! The millions that belong to you are in you! He who has given you your inheritance waits for you to do right by your God-given GOLD! Let today be that day! Get out your old writings, your old dreams, your old music, your old paintings, and everything that you dreamed. Build it! Grow It! Nourish It! Love It! Get Excited! You will give life to many and your millions plus more will come! Your gifts mourn for you. The Spirit of God waits for you. Don't squander your treasure! You have it NOW! Plan what you are going to do with it! Start making your lists!

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