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His Spirit Whispers Miracles, Part II

Samuel, the prophet, spoke to Saul, of the Lord, and told Saul to destroy the Amalekite nation, he was to destroy everything; men, women, children, cattle, donkeys, sheep, camels, etc. Not only did Saul keep some things for himself (without destroying them) but he brought back the King, King Agag. God rejected Saul as King that day because of Saul’s disobedience. Samuel told Saul to bring King Agag to him. When King Agag was brought out, Samuel took out his sword and cut King Agag into pieces. When I read that he cut King Agag into pieces, the Spirit hit me and I knew at that moment that I was supposed to cut the envelopes up. Then the Lord began to speak to me by reminding me of things He had told me before. When I first moved back from Florida, I went through a lot, spiritually, as some know. But I received a lot of messages that I didn’t know if I should trust or not, at that time. And now, He was bringing them back to my attention. When I came back from Florida, God was calling me “The clean up woman” and telling me that “Everything I touch, the angels will touch deeper”. Then the Lord reminded me of the Housekeeping Business that I had started; that it wasn’t just about me cleaning houses. Do you know the Lord’s Prayer? Well, in the prayer, there’s a verse that says “thine will be done in earth as it is in heaven”. It’s like what the Lord has me to do here in earth is something being done in the spiritual realm. The Housekeeping Business is a sign post of how God uses me with His presence; to clean up spiritual uncleanliness, spiritual messes. I was His first assignment; I had to clean my life before I could begin what He’s called me to do. Then it was those that I taught, because they chose to be under my teaching through Intimacy w/ God, their lives had to be cleaned up as they fell under my mantle, which is why they had to go through some things. So understand this, the way you live your life, the things you do, the way your life is turning out is a mirror of what’s happening spiritually. It’s as if there are two sides to being, earth and heaven. What you do here effects you spiritually. And a lot that happens around you is a sign post of what’s going on in your spiritual environment, spiritual home, and spiritual domain. When these revelations begin to overwhelm me, I began to weep with joy. I had been so distraught about the night before that I didn’t realize how the Holy Spirit had used me until then. But that’s not the end. I called a very good friend of mine, who has a prophetic gift, and began to tell her as I was crying with joy. She was amazed. She said to me, “Go look at those envelopes because I bet you that you have seven envelopes.” Seven is God’s number of completion. It is like His signature and whenever God is setting something into motion, when you get to seven, the last number needed, that means that it’s time for action. It’s like saying 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, now Spirit Move! I feel the anointing in that. Yes, Lord! Lo and Behold! I had seven envelopes. She told me to go to the beach. I told her, “Don’t say anything else, I know what to do”. I was supposed to take the envelopes to the beach, tear them to pieces, and throw them into the ocean. That’s exactly what I did. Before I went to the beach, I heard, “the tide is coming in”. I went to the beach, sat in a chair, prayed and sang praises to God. I took the envelopes one by one, took my time tearing each one and I threw the pieces into the ocean. I was really enjoying this time with the Lord. I never really looked at the envelopes but I did notice that there was one person who put her name on the envelope, which I will write to about her finances as the Holy Spirit permits. But I got down to the last envelope, ready to send it into the ocean. Whoever had that envelope had wrote on it and when I read it, it confirmed everything that I had done. This is what it read, “Who, what, where do you serve? God, this is what you called me to do.” Under my mantle; to clean up and give balance to that which is imbalanced, I knew those empty envelopes would bring back abundance for everyone in that row. It is not the act itself but it’s the faith of the act that creates the miracle. It’s like God saying if you do this and believe it, I will do the rest. The Lord says, “If you do what you need to do on your end, I will do what I need to do on mine.” It’s the same like when Moses parted the red sea with a rod and when Christ made more bread with two loaves. It’s taking something, adding faith to it, and creating more with it. Just like I took those envelopes, I created more with it and it will return in a tidal wave of prosperity; not because of greed but because of faith. It’s like when Ezekiel laid on his side for a year to show the bondage of Israel, which took place. It’s God moving through a vessel who’s willing and sensitive to His leading. I’m very blessed to have God use me in such a great way.

Now, listen to me! This is why you can’t be in between with Christ; you have to come all the way. You have Kingdom gifts that need to be available to God for His people. There are too many people out there who need what you have inside you. God’s presence is in your gift. You have something to offer others that will give God glory. You have to believe and trust God with all your heart. You can’t sway back and forth, life depends on you. We can’t afford to live on a roller coaster of feeling good one day and bad the other. We can’t afford not to pray. We can’t afford not to learn His Word. We can’t afford to hold on to our Kingdom gifts. God is faithful, God is real, Christ is with you, and the Holy Spirit is guiding you. Heed His guidance. Stop sitting on your treasure stored in Heaven. It will benefit others when you open it up.

Now, do you see why your belief is so important? If I didn’t believe, I would not have done anything that God moved me to do. Those women needed to be set free from guilt, shame, and lies about their finances and set free from lies about how God felt about them. They never knew that God was working on their behalf. Where is your belief? Even as you read this, where has your faith gone? I pray that God gives you a mighty gift of Faith; that you will use your gifts, with God’s presence in them, to Open Doors and Move Mountains for others. We’re all in this together. It’s not about me, it’s not about you. It’s about the Kingdom. We carry the Kingdom in us, just as Christ did because we are hid in Him. If you hinder your gifts, you hinder someone’s miracle. It may even be your own. Believe, believe, and believe!

Jesus says, "Come in and show them who you are".

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