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Where Your Value Comes From

It is a false sense of self to think that people can give you the value you need. However, they aren't qualified because everyone is flawed. People will show they love you and care for you but they can't weigh your true value. Their actions toward you may seem to have measure but their measure or supposed assessment of you is flawed. In other words, the way they measure comes with too many influences so to speak; how they feel about themselves, how they perceive their own life, how they anticipate or expect you to be in relation to their own life, who they think they are; where they think they come from; how others measure them; perceptions of how you should talk, act, and behave, etc. This is not to judge but its too much junk in one person to determine the value of another. Therefore, make the best of relationships but NEVER give someone the responsibility of owning your value. AGAIN, they aren't qualified no matter how good they seem. They should love you, care for you, consider you, respect you, and have integrity. But this only comes in direct correlation of how they value themselves. And since God is the only ONE who is qualified to give us true value that is where we all need to start and/or go back to. Your value starts with God.

It's a habit to look for value from others but begin to transform that habit into getting that value from God, realizing no one else is qualified to give it to you with their own flaws. First, you were born. Every birth under God has been given judgement because we were born into sin until Christ gave us value in his death. Through Christ, God has a purpose in you whether you reach it or not. Your purpose is always with you. Next, God had a way of securing that purpose sending Christ to purchase your soul with the currency of His blood. Christ gave everything where people can not truly give consistently and sparingly: genuine and unconditional love and sacrifice. Now the more I can be like Christ, the better I can be with others securing better relationships but I can't give you your accurate worth or true value. I can't weigh how much you cost because I'm just not qualified. I can celebrate your value in Christ but I can never give you an approving number.

People do things according to their own needs and that may hurt others but its more wrapped in their own value than in those they are hurting. Though it may feel personal its not personal. The issue is with them. Leave it with them. Don't give away the Power of your value. Leave it with Jesus.

Forgive those who may have hurt you and have seemed take your value. Go to God to restore you. Live through knowing there is purpose for you. And aspire to be like Christ to respect the value in yourself as well as the value in others. Have relationship with God, grow in Christ, and live through your purpose, the rest will follow. There's something greater for your life and its not connected to any one person.

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