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The Beauty of the Covenant

When the Hebrews made covenants with one another, it was a very lengthy ceremonial pact that was taken beyond serious, it was a life and death committment with honor. In summary, the ceremony went in this way: the two participants would take off their robes and give it to the other as to say, “I’m giving you myself”. They then took off their belts and exchanged with one another as to say, “I will fight your battles”. Next, they'd cut an animal in half, laying to each side of them, standing between the bloody pieces with their backs to each other, then doing a figure eight around the pieces coming back to face one another. They would raise their right arms, cut the palms of their hands and then bring the palms together as if to say, “We share the same blood and we become one”. They would then exchange names, make a scar for witness to the covenant, and give the terms of the covenant to say, “Everything of yours is mine”. They would then eat a meal as a memorial of bread and wine symbolic of flesh and blood because now they are flesh and blood to each other. Finally, they would form a memorial by planting a tree that they sprinkled with the blood of the animal, which is testimony to the covenant.

The Beauty of the Covenant

When you give your heart to Jesus, you enter into a covenant with God. God has made a covenant with you through the blood of His Son, Jesus, in the sacrifice on the cross. The difference now is that you no longer have to have an animal, to stand in replace of you, as your sacrifice and offering to the Lord for the forgiveness and mediation of sins, in order for this covenant to take place. Jesus has given Himself once and for all. Through Him, forgiveness is yours, God's promise is yours, the mark of God is upon you, He fights your battles and you fight His as well. Everything of God belongs to you and everything you have belong to Him. You now have the robe of righteousness, you share His blood, you share His name, and you share in His meal “Holy Communion” of his flesh and blood. You are the testimony to life represented by a New Tree, cleansed by the blood of Jesus, in fertile new ground.

This is the most beautiful dance of love that anyone can ever experience!

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