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Get Out the Box!!

Remembering a dream I had a few years ago... I was sitting on the side of my bed reading the bible. I saw, what was to be, Jesus standing in front of the bed. He was very pale with oily dark hair and not very pleasant to look at. He also had rotten teeth. He started pointing to the bible and trying to get me to read what he wanted me to read. He didn’t seem to like that I was happy and had joy about my time reading what I was already reading. He began pacing back and forth in front of the bed as if he were getting very impatient and angry with me. Next, the scene jumps to me being on a residential street. I looked up in the sky and I saw a whirling wind, the wind was outlined by black lines and looked like circular vibrations. I could hear the sound of the vibrations as it sounded like strong electrical currents. There was a huge box that had been open and torn apart in the wind and I knew that I had come out of that box. Out of the sky the wind formed into a being that looked like water (living water) and it came looking for me. I laid flat on the ground, behind a car so that it could not reach me. I ran across the street into this house, where a person named Christian lived. But before I went in, I passed by a pale woman with oily hair, in front of the house, being dipped into a pool that didn’t seem to have any cleansing affect on her. She said to me, “Just have faith” but I knew she wasn’t right and what she said wasn’t of the heart. I then entered the home and could look at myself, outside of myself, I wasn’t pale but looked malnutrition, beginning to loose my teeth, which were rotten but I knew that I had to let them go. I took my hand and pulled out all the rotten teeth by the roots. I could see the teeth hanging by the roots and handed them over to those in the house but I did not see the person named Christian. But I knew I couldn’t wait to get my new teeth.

Immediately, upon waking, I knew the interpretation of the dream. Earlier, I stated how dangerous religion is and I will go even farther to say that Religion is an antichrist. This dream is a very good example of why. This dream is about “Getting Out of the Box” of Religion, described as Man’s man-made ideas about Faith that are of the Flesh, which means “of death”. When I use the word 'Religion', I am referring to the look and act of being righteous without no real love of Christ within; has an intent to control others instead of loving them. This wanna-be Jesus, in the dream, is a dead Christ with a false anointing, who gets angry and impatient with people because he can’t control them. This Jesus is given life by leaders who can’t separate religion from faith, by the way they live. People are actually preaching, teaching, and prophesying by this dead Christ, which is a real spirit. The devil has a counterfeit for everything, including “living water”. God called me out the box and now I’m calling you.

There are false doctrines about Jesus that is deep rooted, rotten with very bad roots that need to be uprooted. And there are others around you that say, look, and act saved and they’re not. They seem spiritual but they are worldly, acting out of their own imaginations and self anointings, whose heads are full of oil, telling you that you need to be cleansed and purified when their own hearts are stifled under the mandate of a snake. They quote verses, shout, and speak in tongues. They tell you to pray and have faith and they don’t even know the real Jesus, the One who’s resurrected and Alive. Their doctrines are covered by the Flesh but not by the Spirit of the Lord. Religion rots the teeth because it’s so sweet and delicious. It’s satisfying to the Flesh because it meets your own personal pleasures and not the desires of the Lord. And even as I went into the home of Christian, he was not there but those who were his family were, meaning that the character of Christ is not even in his house, the Church. Those, in the house, that look like his family is there but those who really follow Him are not.

The Lord has put this message in my heart very deeply so let me ask you a question. How much do you really know Jesus? Do you know Him through your grandmother, mother, father, sister, or brother? Do you know Him because you grew up in a Christian home and have been taught by the best pastors around? Do you know Him because you’ve been taught by the best theologians? That’s not "knowing" Christ. That’s knowing about Him; it’s an introduction. Strip down from all of what you’ve heard. Get to know Christ. Otherwise, anybody can tell you anything and you will follow a false god of Religion and blindly walk a way of deceit and destruction. You need the Word, for yourself, and the Spirit to reveal Him. They go together! Dare to stand alone and let God reveal Himself to you in Spirit and Truth. Come out your box! Read, Pray, and Walk in Revelation. Read, Pray, and Walk in Revelation on your own. You will find that Religion is a stale mate. It keeps you bound, beats you up, and eventually destroys. True Faith is the Walking Word. I’m digging my new teeth into the bread of life and the fruit of the Spirit.

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