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Clarity and Prosperity

From the time you began elementary school, it was obvious that the path set before you should lead to something BIG. Maybe it would even lead you to something bigger than you could ever imagine. Even though learning was more of the focus in school, something in you told you that it could be about something more. At least, you could feel that the journey could create a path that would put you in a place to do something great with your life while financially supporting your livelihood. Overall, you were being set up for opportunities.

Looking back at it now, it’s a lot for a young person to have an in-depth look into their future at such a young age. It can require discerning and receptive parents to help you with a clearer path.

Many of us don’t have that luxury. Life is challenging and even our parents struggle with their own life path. Additionally, life problems and the school of hard knocks can dim your light as you get older. You find work and build your life with what you have.

At some point, some of us still want the dream. You still want the promise and your best life destined for you. So, the question comes back to you, “What is my purpose? What should I be doing with my life? What is it that’s bigger than me? What can I do to make more money?”.

To answer these questions, it requires ‘Clarity’. Do you know your biggest dream and most successful self can be ignited in just having ‘Clarity’? God doesn’t give you purpose after the fact. There is no requirement for purpose. It just is. You were born with it.

However, you may struggle to find purpose for various reasons. Here are a few below:

  1. You lack faith. You believe in the ‘religious’ idea of purpose but not true purpose itself

  2. You don’t know where to start

  3. You don’t have the time because you’re busy

  4. You don’t know who you are

  5. You don’t know what you want

  6. It’s easier to follow the masses

Success and true life-fulfillment begins simply with Clarity in knowing who you are and what you want based in your relationship with God and His Universe. From the time you were born you were expected to financially support your life one day. To be able to do that you had to find a path that would accumulate wealth for you and your family. How much wealth? That is simply up to you. How you did it? That was up to you to find out.

Your choices have either given you little wealth or lots of it. I’m sure you struggle with this as many do. You may have even thought about going to school again or changing jobs. You may have worked your way up the ladder to get more in return. Maybe you’re in between jobs at the moment. I guess the question is, “How happy are you with the choices you’ve made for wealth, thus far?”

If you’re not happy, my suggestion to you today is to find “Clarity”. Years after school days, you may still be asking, “What do I want to do with my life?” The fact that you may be even asking this has more to do with God than with you.

When you don’t know what you want to do or be, you will get nowhere. Clarity is directly correlated to your prosperity. I’ve heard people say they are waiting on God. God doesn’t need you to wait for Him. He waited on you to be born to fulfill your purpose. From day one, He trusted you to reach the pinnacle He destined for you to catch up with. He had great expectation before you were even in the womb. Your job is to stay close to Him to make the right choices and trust that He will nudge you back in place when you’re off the path. The key is to trust yourself and Him in you. When you’re indecisive, I guarantee you, you will stay stuck. That goes for anything in your life.

Having “Clarity” places your dreams and goals automatically in motion. Clarity creates your road map to your highest path. Part of finding “Clarity” is to know ‘yourself’ and to WHOM you belong. You must know who you are to know what you want. When you know what you want, you take steps to get there.

Many clients I work with struggle to speak and reflect about themselves. They’re used to putting their energies into other people and things outside of themselves. Spending time on ‘self’ just seems like vanity, a chore, or a waste of time to them. This is one reason many say they’re waiting on God. They see themselves separate from the Promise when they are ‘Every Part of It’.

When you separate yourself from committing to your purpose, you evade accountability in having anything to do with it’s manifestation. Therefore, you convince yourself that you just have to wait for God to do all the work. This type of thinking is deceiving. It will keep true life-fulfillment far away from you and keep you broke. You need to co-labor with God and in God to manifest the dream. You give your gifts to others and get the gold. He gives life and gets the Glory!

To find Clarity, you must spend time within, with God, especially when you’ve put yourself to the side forever and a day. You must rediscover ‘you’ to discover what’s in you that should be shared with the world to draw prosperity, to you, in its abundance.

It’s not too late for the journey to Promise. God will wait for you forever. You still have time. You can still reach your pinnacle, but you must Make The Change!

The question is, “How happy are you with the choices you’ve made for wealth, thus far?”

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