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The Lord is Calling You Out!

There’s something in you that’s worth more than gold itself. There’s something in you that is so powerful and influential. How can you contain it? The world has to see it!

When you think about your ministry, what does it look like to you? When you see yourself fulfilling God’s plan in your own unique way, what do you see specifically?

I was thinking this morning about how some can limit themselves based on the status quo of how things have always been or just by being followers of others instead of leaders of God. Let me explain. In working with many beautiful women of God, I’ve found that when some think about their ministry; their purpose, they tend to believe that their ministry is limited to being a pastor, evangelist, or prophet. They tend to think of ministry roles that are within the church building. Now, if God is calling you to those roles, then that’s what He’s calling you to. But for others, He may not be.

Years ago, after my supernatural experience with spiritual warfare, Juanita Bynum’s ministry ministered to me in a great way. It definitely helped me to keep my spiritual power up. At that time, her ministry was very powerful. I found myself, along with many other Christian women I knew, desiring a ministry like hers. The Holy Spirit literally said to me, “that’s not your ministry”. He told me that God had something different for me and will place me where He wants me. After that, I stopped thinking about how others were doing ministry and concentrated on what God had for me. I grew more to learn that God has a unique purpose for you that only you can do.

Ministry is so much bigger than the church building. It is so much bigger than the role that encapsulates ministry itself, such as preacher or evangelist. Many are preaching when they should be doing something else and wondering why it’s not turning out like they thought. When God calls you to purpose, He calls you to your own truth and authenticity. He calls you to your unique way of sharing with the world, which brings you your own happiness, in Him.

When you limit yourself, you limit God and His creativity.

The world is progressing. You can think that God is either ahead of it or behind it. But thinking He's behind it, is not knowing God. He is a God that moves forward and doesn't stop moving. God is THEE Innovator.

The word ministry can be defined as an office held by a Priest. Well, in God’s eye, we are all Priests, but our priesthood is not limited to one place. In fact, our priesthood is to be expanded to the body of Christ and beyond. We are creators and born to create!

Today, in the business world, there’s a term called, “Influencer”. You may have heard this term before as it’s becoming very common. Basically, an influencer is a person/leader who has the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes in a market.

Even though, an 'Influencer' may focus more on marketing, their key skill is to take a message and influence and inspire a group of people to take action.

This is how we need to think about ministry today. God has called all of us to the priesthood but not all of us are to be in the same role. Not all of us have the same gifts, talents, and skill sets. We should not consider ourselves as a one size fits all. If so, we're already far behind.

We are Ministers who should be Influencers!

It hurts my soul to see God’s people more:

1. downtrodden than the world

2. challenged in faith

3. confused about their inherited prosperity

4. satisfied with suffering

5. stuck in ways that hold them back.

Many continually look to God to give them more when they have so much in them already to get everything He's already promised. We don't need to be like the world, the world needs to be like us!

You need to understand that your ministry, your gifts, and your purpose is not about you. It’s about all of us. It’s about God’s people and the people His heart is drawing to Him, through you. There are many hurting who do not even know Him but if you’re always hurting and need healing too…

If this is you, I pray, in Jesus name, and call on you to Heal, Grow, and Pick up your fiery torch to God's agenda. I call on you to ‘Serve in Royalty’! It would be a grave disadvantage to your life and the people God has waiting on you, for you to never pick up and show up.

The Lord is calling on and looking for His Influencers to carry His message and love, to lift spirits and save souls.

​​​​​​​Will you go? Or Should I ask, why won’t you?

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