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When you ask ‘What is my purpose?’ It’s a sign!

When you question ‘What is my purpose?’ it’s a sign! It’s a sign that your spirit is looking for its perfect place in the world. It’s a sign that God is pulling on you to serve His people in your own unique way. It is a sign that your spirit is having an inner dialogue with the Spirit of God to get your attention. Unfortunately, some push back the Spirit of God within them for different reasons.

Reasons can be:

  • You don’t feel worthy of living a better life

  • You want the change but not the work that comes with it

  • You have ‘fear’

These are just a few. I walked in fear for many years. I needed the Holy Spirit to get me through fearful times that could have stopped my purpose and business completely. It could have stopped me from birthing God’s promise. I was very comfortable in my life but not in my spirit. The challenge for me was leaving my job; leaving security. Security has always been important to me, especially in a world that doesn’t make comfortable living easy. Losing that financial security was a challenge. However, I knew if others could do it and succeed, so could I. God was calling me to something bigger than myself. I felt it was my only chance and I didn’t want God to give up on me; His dream within me.

I speak to many women who feel empty. They feel like they’re existing and not living. I know all too well what that feels like. What happens is this… You get so use to doing things; multiple things; many things, things, and more things… You look for those activities to bring you fulfillment; to fill you up inside; to give you meaning but just because you’re doing ‘things’ doesn’t mean your life has meaning. Just because you’re filling up the time and space in your life with something doesn’t mean it’s the right something for you. It just means you are busy. But busy with what??? Existing?

Busyness is not living. It’s setting up a series of events in your life that make you feel like your life is moving forward but it’s just movement. You could be running but not going anywhere if you're running in place. Movement doesn’t necessarily equal progress. It’s when you begin to set your highest goals in line with your purpose that you begin to see real progress; real living; real movement. If you’re not growing, progressing, and living a life that flows with a give and take of true servanthood that produces more life, you will feel empty.

When you think of purpose, you may just consider what that means for yourself. You know that finding purpose is finding LIFE! You consider the difference your future would make and how your Quality of Life will enhance, especially your relationship with God. Finding Purpose means finding God in the most individually powerful way. And Yes! It is powerful!

However, here is what you may not consider. Most Christian women know that their purpose is somehow connected to the life of someone else; Servanthood, helping others. Yet, when you don’t pursue what your purpose is, you’re not only affecting your life but you are affecting the lives of many.

Though God meets you individually and uniquely, He is a Community God. He purposes you and equips you for the masses, not just for your own future. When you don't accept the torch of your purpose, pursue it, find it, or search it, you may be aborting the blessings of others which they would get from your purpose. Don’t think for a moment that God hasn’t appointed people strictly to you to help and serve that their life may grow and progress.

Because you know that Servanthood is part of what God wants and what your spirit longs to do, sometimes when it’s done outside of what your purpose is, you will feel used, taken for granted, and fatigue from always rescuing or saving people who can help themselves but never do.

We should always serve as Children of God, finding ways to show God’s love toward people. However, when you serve within your purpose, your calling, your spirit breathes as one with the heart of God giving you life so that you may have it more abundantly. Even in your tiredness, the Spirit is so high from helping that you feel like a machine that never wants to quit and your level of Joy can’t be contained.

And that emptiness that you may have felt? Well, your gifts and your purpose come full circle. Life is in giving and serving. When you follow the purpose God gave you and serve those under your calling, life comes back to you. The life you give is the life you get!

In my purpose, working with women gives them life but in return, the work and helping them gives me life. It fills me with hope, vibrating my spirit to other levels that fills my passion in purpose. When you begin living in this loop of give and take within your purpose, emptiness is far away and only ‘more life’ can be won and added unto you!

If you’re one of those bold soldiers ready to find your unique path, join me in the Purpose to Prosperity program. Let your Beauty shine among men!

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