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The Beauty of Grace

You can’t understand grace until you understand God’s Love, Protection, and Mercy in the most egregious, life disruptive, and sinful situations. As long as we’re on this earth, we will never understand what it’s like to be totally free of sin, within the heart, within the mind, and within the land. No matter who you are, you will never be without the influence or impact of sin. We continue to wake up to a world that is threatening and rough. We strive every day to be better people; to conquer our struggles and challenges. We walk through our own trials and observe the trials of others. We put efforts into being safe and protected from all types of enemies and possible disasters. We face decisions every day about what’s right or wrong and make choices that don’t always agree with God and His good.

With all that said, what about the character of Our Father? In all these things, He remains steadfast and confident; Patient to wait, Loving, Forgiving, Accepting, and Protecting. He never gets tired of waiting for you. He never gives up on you. He never gives up on “goodness”. He never embarrasses you. He doesn’t condemn you. He never turns away, He never mocks you, and He never sees an impossible way.

How many people have you seen make the wrong choices over and over again? How many people do you know who have under gone some life’s circumstance that was so terrible, you wonder how they came out of it okay? How many people do you see in deep sin, such as drug addiction, sexual immorality, criminal activit, alcoholism, whose life get cleaned up and they still live a life that you would have not expected? How could that happen for them? How many people have you seen get ill where it was life-threatening, yet they overcame with great victory? What about the effects of divorce, nervous breakdowns, people living with mental illness, the unemployed, the homeless, the fatherless children, etc…?

God loves and cares for people always through His Ultimate Grace. Whether you can see the details of it or not, God is interacting in people’s lives all the time; providing and protecting.

How more blessed are we than we can understand? All I know is that whenever I mess up, I can be forgiven. Whenever I make wrong choices, I’m given more room to grow. Whenever I want to give up, God shows me there’s always hope. Whenever things look bleak, there’s always joy and happiness. Whenever I’m rejected, God loves and accepts me. Whenever I get tired, God doesn’t. Whenever my life is broken, God fixes it.

As I stated in the beginning, you can’t understand grace until you understand God’s Love, Protection, and Mercy in the most egregious, life disruptive, and sinful situations. Look at your life. It may not be the ideal life or ideal situation but one thing is for sure, if you are reading this “you are alive”. And with life, God gives you more and more for free, always making huge and heavenly deposits into your spirit that you may have an eternal Grace that’s in the midst of an atmosphere of Love that is priceless, without cost to you, in Jesus name. So, no matter what happens in your life, stick close to God, Our Father. He will never leave you or forsake you. His Love is worth more than any material wealth on earth. And if it wasn’t for His Love there would be no grace. I thank God for His Grace, His space to love me, His space to love you until we reach Victory in life, earth, and heaven. Thank you God for loving us at a measure of forever…

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